Wakeup Call Message
April 15 , 2005



 Special Hatonn, April 15-05, 8:30pm


There is taking place a coup of sorts that is to reveal a long awaited outcome to the tragedy of 9/11. With this coup there will be the coming forward of many witnesses who will be able to substantiate the evidence that is to be presented. When this comes forward there will be a standing down of various people in the government, and with this standing down, we will see a return of the cause of justice in the united states.


This news is to be carried on the CNN network, and with it will be a presentation by the Chief Justice, and the warrant for the arrest of the principle ones who are involved will be announced to the people.


Should there be a flaw in this plan, then the timetable will be extended only long enough for the flaw to be eliminated.


Please send this out to your readers, and allow the press to do the rest.


Hi Everyone,


This is a formula that Faith sent me today. Hatonn said he wanted me to share it with all of you. Thank you Faith!







Hi Nancy This is just my numerology playtime I keep an eye on the

number that the 'counter'is on that shows in the upper right after you enter the tree site. You know, that keeps track of how many 'hits' or visits have been made to the site. so today it was on 2092999 and I did the numerology thing of reducing the number to some shorter basic numbers


I'm probably not following the official numerology rules either, just my own intuitive thing. So , starting at the far left of that long number 2092999, I see 209 and I add the 2 and the 9 and get 11. I don't add the 1 and 1 of the 11 together because 11 is a master number, and you don't reduce it.


Moving to the right in the long number, then I see another 29, and add it up

to make 11. So now we have 2 11's. finally, I see 99. I add that together to make 18, then add the 1 and 8 in the 18 together to make 9.


So we're left with 11 11 9. I decided to reverse that and call it

9-11-11. I feel that the universe speaks to us in these numbers if we are open to them.. Somehow this 9-11-11 seems to relate to the famous 9-11. But the extra 11 on the end adds a higher vibration, since as I said

it is a master number relating to unrealized ideals.


But hey, the number 22 stands for realized ideals! And in a way, there are

2 11's here, could be considered a 22. My interpretation is that this is a message about the  original 9-11 event, so pivotal to Nesara, but it now has been uplifted to the level of 'Realized Ideals' Nesara Now!


Love and Light, Faith


PS, now I'm thinking if we didn't reverse it, we could say it's 11-11-9

and see it as that uplifted 22 vibration as well as Reversing the 9-11 event! This is how my mind thinks.