Wakeup Call Message
April 11 , 2005





            Good day, I AM Hatonn, and I bring you news of what is taking place in this great plan that is being instituted.


There is an ongoing tribute to the vagaries of the illuminati. This is reflected in the advantages that we have over their antics in this game that they play with us. When we set in place a method of bringing to light various issues that they have created through their antics they counter it with more of their antics.


We are seeing that as they do this they dig themselves into a deeper abyss from which they will eventually not be able to escape. This is the prophecy of the ages, and with this explosion of the myth that they have promulgated, we will emerge victorious in the light that overcomes all darkness.


In order to do this, we must allow them to do certain things that they set in motion, for with these things they will soon see that they have indeed secured the noose around their necks, so to speak. They will have allowed so much of their tomfoolery to have amounted that they will not be able to see their way clear, when all of the results of their actions prove themselves in actuality.


We have found that this is true of what they have done so often, that in order for them to relieve themselves of this momentum of captivity that they are weaving, they would have to cease right this minute and surrender to us. They are not likely to do that, at least not at the moment. Oh yes, there are those who have and they are the ones who are off planet and beginning their rehabilitation already. The ones I speak of are the ones who are holding out for the last ditch effort that they feel they will be able to pull out of the hat.


This is not to be, my friends, for you see, we have the hat they set their sights on, and with this, we are able to determine their final outcome, and to wend our way into their plans and secure our outcome, not theirs. This is merely a matter of time that we are able to secure, and with this time, we are accomplishing a great deal in the interest of peace on the planet.


Some of what we are able to accomplish is to garner the necessary funds for various people to go about their work for the light. We are assuring that these funds are distributed to those parties and that they are able to carry out their works in the manner that they have proposed. This will allow the various steps that we spoke of toward peace, and also for those who are allowing themselves to find the time to carry out their missions in the allotted time period.


When this is accomplished, then there will be another distribution, and this will be in order for the next wave to come and accomplish the sweeping change that is planned for that time. This will be an ongoing process until such time as we can make the announcement that is planned for a certain time, and a certain order in these developments. This is a carefully laid out plan of command, and with it is the coming of the guard that will accompany the new regime that will come into being in the USA.


As soon as we have been able to do the necessary steps in this particular event that is to take place this week, of which I spoke for a distribution, then we will begin to see some changes worldwide that will represent the coming together of certain principles in motion This will then open some doors for the next step, and on down the line.


With the instigation of these steps you will see a progression that will begin to take shape, and the outcome will present itself in the perfection of the universal order of things. We of the Federation are working round the clock to bring to you the various parts of this plan. As we go about our work, we also are able to tune in to the various movements that are in progress on earth with lightworkers who are busily setting a grand energy of light and all that goes with it. With these movements we are seeing a beautiful progression and building of the light. This adds tremendously to our efforts and supports the intent of the people of earth to bring peace and ascension to the planet.


As we wind down this report, we do so with a reluctance that we cannot continue in the energy of communication in this way, for it is a grand method we use, and we love to reside in it. At the same time, we are able to tune in to the energy that is vibrating majestically from all of you on earth, and this is as a rhapsody of angels in rhythm with the universe. It is wondrous to our being, and we take great joy in knowing that we are achieving unity with all of you in this way.


I shall return on the morrow, and bring you another report of our accomplishments. This is a time of rejoicing, and a time of great compassion for those who are undergoing the challenge of transition back to the light. They are brave souls who have sacrificed much in order to carry out the mission for which they volunteered those eons ago. We support their rehabilitation, and see them in the perfect light of The Creator.


I shall go now and will sing a reverberation of love that will sound through the universe of your courage and your devotion to truth. We love and adore you all. Namaste.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate