Wakeup Call Message
April 06 , 2005





          My dear ones should I say that there is nothing to report today it is because I am in a position now where the timetable is upside down and the events that were to occur are taking their own time to manifest the expected results of our actions. I AM Hatonn, and I greet you this day.

          This in no way represents that we have been unsuccessful, but that we have been successful beyond our expectations. This means that we are in the process of bringing a great impasse into the lives of those leaders of the illuminati who have decided to go ahead and render themselves in their own energy of leadership. In so doing they seal their fate, and that is to spend the next undetermined amount of time off planet earth. I say undetermined, for it is now up to them how long they shall remain off planet, possibly forever.

          My dear ones, I shall back up a bit and explain a couple of points. There was once a growing need in the united states to throw out the present regime and replace it with a new lighted one. Now there is a need immediately, and with this immediacy we have taken the liberty of supplying an interim assignment to certain members of our coalition from the Galactic Federation. In doing so, there is now beginning a gradual reversal of some of the measures that the present government had set in motion.

          We are not going to make public at this time that this change is being made. We have employed the use of the clones that have been created by the illuminati, and are utilizing them to give the public the necessary idea that their government is still in place.

          We do not ordinarily support this form of deception, for it would seem to some that is what it is. However, we see the need to do this at this time in order to avert a nationwide panic and subsequent emergency situation. We have seen the probability of two sources of panic, and we have chosen the road that will cause less of a danger to the people. When we are able to come forth in a public way, it will be when certain measures have been taken to assure the safety and understanding of the dire nature of this public emergency.

          When in the near future we are able to come forward and present the truth to the world, we will do so with the love and the light of the truth being unmistakable in the eyes of the world. Though some will most probably be in shock and unable at first to comprehend what they are seeing and hearing, their innate wisdom will begin to surface and they will know that what they are experiencing is for the good of them and of the planet.

          Our goal here is to see the people of earth operating in the freedom and totality of their own wisdom and peacefulness, and to be in a position where they are carrying on in a way that speaks succinctly of their own ability to carry on in a united way as a beautiful body of humanity of planet earth.

          We feel, as family to all who reside here on earth, that we are seeing the final awakening of our dear ones to their own innate self, and are glorying in the revelation of complete and utter restoration to their Godself. We are pleased that we are able to assist you all to that purpose.

          So, my dear ones, though you may not see in the media that these changes are taking place, bear in mind that we keep the safety of the people in mind when we make our decisions and carry out our actions. We see that with the passing of this immediate period we will be able to be open and forthright in all our dealings with you. We indeed will then reveal to you the measures that we have been taking, and the reasons behind them.

          With this message I have given you some understanding of some of the questions we have heard in your minds. With the coming updates we will also be answering any other questions that trouble or delight your minds in this whole matter of the coming of the light to your planet, fully and with total interface upon the people of Mother Gaia.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate