Wakeup Call Message
April 28 , 2005



Special Wake up Call: April 28, 05


Nancy: We are surrounded by cloudships, as I sit at my keyboard and write these words. We haven’t seen any cloudships here since the ones we saw the first day we were here. Bob and I went for a ride this afternoon and talked with our friends in those cloudships. We were told of the plans that we have made with them and with all of mankind. We were taken to a place in our hearts where we had stored the information that we gave to them for safekeeping. The following is what they have to tell you, and what some of our plans are for the future of this site, and for our work.


Greetings my dear ones, we are Hatonn, St. Germain, and Sananda. We come to you today to tell you of the changes that are taking place in your world today. We would like to first take a moment to thank all of you who have found our light and seen that it is yours. We resound so beautifully with your auras, and with the songs that your vibrations sing to us. It is indeed a chorus of angels that entertain and delight us.


Now to the matters at hand. We are going to assist Bob and Nancy to find their new direction for this site. In so doing we will be working with them and will come through them in their new work from time to time.


The Tree of the Golden light has served a glorious purpose in the time it has been in existence, and now it is time to begin a new phase of its evolution, just as it is time for Bob and Nancy to begin their new phase.


The ‘Tree’ will be undergoing a metamorphosis over the coming weeks, and with this metamorphosis will be some clearing and bringing in of new bright energies. There is a dimensional shift that is to be taking place, and with this shift comes a whole new nurturance.


Please realize that what has been taking place over the past few weeks has been a part of this transition. We have allowed it to infiltrate to the extent that it has for the purpose of bringing to your attention the level in which one can fall. Because of this, we are ready to sleep with the angles and soothe their furrowed brow. As we sleep, we find where their distress is, and we ask if they would like to find relief. Then we tell them that all they need do is ask, and they will receive from their higher being the release that they intend.


In this way, they will find that they are sovereign beings who have found themselves involved in a trial that they designed for themselves. They can also see that all they need do to free themselves from this fear is to do it. It is that simple. Just state your intent that you be freed from the oppressive cloud and know that you are in heaven and that it is fine. Then see how much more joyously you will be living your life, and how much clearer you will be.


You all have a beautiful promise waiting in the wings. You are able to tap into that promise at any time and make the transition from fear dimensionality to the freedom and love of the 5th dimension and beyond. As you do this for yourselves, you will find that there is only love and joy and elation over the peacefulness that you will feel. This will be the undoing of the bondage that you have found yourselves in at one time or another.


You are all loving beings of Light, and we truly give ourselves to you for the guidance that is offered in love and Light. When we stand in this power we see all of you with us holding hands, and beaming your light out into the universe.


Now for some more news about the ‘Tree’ site. The metamorphosis will begin with a renewal of the SSN group. With the transformation comes a new name, Spirit Share Nurturance. This is the further evolvement of this group. Anyone who cares to be a part of it will be able to subscribe and will be given the ability to be a part of the emerging new energy that this group will stand for. Bob and Nancy will announce when this change will take effect, and the old list will be taken down, and the list will be reformed as those of you who wish to be a part of the new energy of it subscribe. You will be informed as to when and how this will take place.


As for any other features on the ‘Tree’ site, some will find new homes, some will be changed, and others will be retired. We have conferred with Bob and Nancy on this, and have found that this was an issue that they had been contemplating, although they had not as yet come up with the clear picture that is being presented now.


We look forward to being able to communicate with you in this way, and as the changes are made, there will be an opening that will provide a way of communicating that will be very flexible. This is a wonderful transition and with it there will be a growing interest in the higher dimensionality of life of planet earth. Coming from a perspective of love and nurturance with the strength of the Masters living within each of you is the pathway that will take you all to the heights for which you are destined.


We leave this transmission now, and will continue to monitor events as they progress. We love and honor each and every one of you. Blessings abound. Salu!


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn, and Masters St. Germain and Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate and Bob T