Wakeup Call Message
April 26 , 2005





My people of the world, I AM Sananda, and I come to you with a peace of mind that is heartening to me, for I see that it is in sync with so many of you on earth at this time. I see that there is an ongoing revelation that is bringing all of you closer together and resounding with the tones of joy.


This may seem unlikely to some of you as you look around and see what is taking place in your news and on your city streets. I say to you to just close your eyes for a moment and tune in to the real world in which you reside. I urge you to look within and see the beauty that lives there.


There is a cacophony of sound that streams through you at any given moment. With this there is an ongoing revelation of healing that is being transmitted to the planet and all life on the planet. This is coming from your souls and your Spirit. This is coming forward in response to what is taking place outside in your world.


Have you wondered at the response that so many have to the illusion of war and the trials of anarchy? Have you seen the wondrous examples of peace in a maelstrom living in the holy leaders of your world? You know that they no longer remove themselves to the caves and live a life of solitude. What they do is to take a few moments out of the day’s activities and give homage to the God within. They give thanks that they are here and able to serve in the ways that they do. Even if they were to merely give a passing smile to someone on the street, or to lend a helping hand to a person who stands at a door too heavy to open, they are serving a grand purpose, and they are grateful.


We see you in this time on your world, and we see the illusion as it plays itself out. We see the promises stated and then the disappointment when once again these promises are not fulfilled. We hear your cries of frustration and your anger with the broken promises. We ask that you now listen for a moment and hear these words I offer you.


Once long ago, there was a man who told himself that there would never be another day in his life when he would listen to others. He went about his days listening only to his thoughts and his ideas. This worked for him for a time, and then he began to recognize something. He saw that he was not happy with what he was living. He saw that he felt isolated and bound to be lonely.


This caused him to rethink his original decision to not listen to others. So he took everything in that he heard and he tried it on for size. He found that some of the words were welcome and seemed to fit. Some of the others he discarded after realizing that they pulled at this shoulders.


This went on for some time, and then he realized that he was weary, and confused. He no longer knew what he felt and how he wanted to believe. So he stopped listening to those words that others spoke, and in his desperation to know what to believe, he reached out to God and asked, “Please, tell me what the truth is. Please show me what is real and what is not.”


He then paused in his tirade and slowly he felt an ease in his mood. He liked the silence, and he felt good about it. Then he began to hear a soft gentle voice inside him. He listened and the voice became clearer. Then he heard the voice speak of things that he had been asking about for years. He heard some things that others outside had told him, and he heard some things that he had heard before from his own mind.


Then he began to compare these words, these thoughts, and he realized that some had been his from the start, and some had been told to him, and then incorporated into his own way of thinking. He also saw that that all of the words had had a purpose in his life. He saw that there was a definite string from one thought to another, one declaration to another.


This caused him to look at his life and how he had tried so to control what he took in as truth. He realized that with this new voice that came from within he was listening to what was left after his inner wisdom had sifted through all that he had taken in. This was grand! This was glorious! This was easy! Why hadn’t he thought of this before?


It is because you had to come to this in this way in order to realize that you have it all within, and even the news of the day, you already know. Yes, the news of the day you have been able to see and know before it happened in your illusionary world.


What does this tell you now? Is it possible that you know what is truth to you before you even see it? Is it possible that you have lived what others are saying and what you are thinking? And is it then possible that the others have lived it too?


Ah-h, now we got you to thinking another way. This new possibility opens many new doors doesn’t it? Now you can go within and ask about these things that you are being told, and know for yourself what the truth is for you. It is a wondrous thing, is it not, for with this realization comes the knowledge that this is after all a part of the illusory world, and you are creating it. So you can create the way you respond to all of it. That is just marvelous!


My dear ones, this is a time when you are more than ever in control of what you do and how you feel about it. You can make your world just as you want it to be. Maybe the details might deter a bit from what you had thought, but look at the overall picture and see what you have created. You might be surprised at how powerful you are.


We love and honor you, and we see that you are coming into a beautiful part of your life that is exciting and wondrous. Take control of your life and your thoughts through the channel within your own being. That is where the power is.


Blessings to you; and Salu!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate