Wakeup Call Message
April 21 , 2005





Good morning my sweet ones, I AM Sananda, and I welcome you to a new day with plenty of sunshine and good will. We come to you today with a purpose in mind. What so many of you need this day is to get out into the day and find the sunshine even if it is in between the raindrops. What you can do is to create your own sunny place where you can bask in the glow of the warmth that pervades your senses and leaves you ready for anything that comes your way.


There has been much tension and unease in the past several days, and with this day I suggest that you look back upon the last days and ask yourself, what does it all mean. What is this miracle that I am waiting for, and why must I wait? Must I forever gaze upon the future and hope to see a bright star being given us in the form of the expected in manifestation? Or will I just decide to take matters into my own hands and bring a sunny day into this moment in any way that I can?


Do you remember back when you were a child and the air was sweet with the fragrance of lilacs in Spring and fresh mown hay on the Autumn chill? Do you recall the taste of honey fresh from the comb, and the aroma of fresh brewing coffee as it wafted through the air in the morning light?


Those were the days, you say. Those were the times of innocence when the world was your oyster, and the children always had what they wanted. Those were the days when the gliders soared through the air, and the bees drifted about from flower to flower kissing the dew on the tender petals.


You can bring that innocence back now my dear ones. You can ask for the tender moments and receive them as you give them to yourself. This is the way of the ancients as they began each new day. They gave thanks to the winds and to the trees and to the God that gave them the strength for a brand new day. They swam in the ponds and the streams. They gathered the moss for a soft seat upon which to sit as they told the stories of magic to the wee ones.


They knew how to love and how to nourish the earth, and they did this all with the threat of carnage upon their backs. They knew that the ones from the north or the east could sweep out of the hills at any moment and turn their paradise into an inferno. Still they knew the value of peaceful ways and hearts at rest. They knew that they could be their own worst enemy if they did not take care of their peace of mind.


There is no enemy ‘cept that which you allow in. There is no one who can overtake your peace ‘cept those who give you cause to give over your power to them. Keep the power and feel it resonate within your heart, for there is no force stronger than the will that you have as powered by the Creator.


Mind my word now, and find the truth that lives in your heart and soul. Know that you are up to facing all that adversity; just call upon any one of us, or all of us, as you will. We are here to make your day complete in yourself, and we can show you the way.


Just be as little children who have the world in their pocket, and watch the adversaries fall into line and give up their goals for the sweet peace they see in your eyes. If they look into your eyes, they are in complete surrender, so keep that knowing and make your peace with them, for they know not what they do in their wanderings from their own selves.


You are Gods incarnate, and in that truth you hold the key to your freedom and your forgiveness of all that hides from the light. Send your love out and feel it come back tenfold and singing, for you are the bearer of the news…Love is everywhere, and the whole world is in revelation.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate