Wakeup Call Message
April 20 , 2005



  St. Germain 


My dear ones, I AM St Germain, and I would like to say that these are exciting times taking place on planet earth. With the advent of the soldiers returning to their homes as their times of duty are over, and the return to peace of many hearts once they see their loved ones safe and happy in their arms once again, we are seeing a revival of the hope and conviction that there is a chance for peace, and that there is a loving God who sets the energy for the people of the world to come to a unity that promotes love around the globe.


As we take our measures that bring many to justice, we find that those who are involved with the peace making process are taking the liberty to release certain information that at one time they dared not reveal. This has given us a wonderful edge to come forward and be in a position to bring this change to the governing institutions of the world. With these changes will come a brightness that will shine forth and expose many truths.


This is a wondrous time for the people of planet earth, for not only are they to become well informed as to what their history really is, but as well they will be able to realize their innate abilities to form a more peaceful and joyful way of life on this planet that they so love.


We lend our support, and we carry out our missions of intervention with the co-operation of various individuals on earth. This is the time to unify the efforts of many who are lead to come to us and speak for their truth and their conviction.


With the onset of peace and the coming forth of truth there will be a vast interference of all of the issues that have been set in motion by the illuminati. This will cause a worldwide cessation of many deeds that would have otherwise caused great harm and sorrow to many people on earth.


This is a time for all of you to step up and ask what you can do.  Ask your guides and any of us with whom you feel a deep communication. We will be at  the ready to advise and to shower you with the appreciation and gratitude that you demonstrate to us. We see how beautiful your auras are as you work with us in the light and the love that beams forth from your inner being. It warms the heart and soul and renders the shadows alit with brilliance.


As we continue with our emanations of truth in the face of adversity, we gather the love that you shine forth and send it out for all of the world to experience and add to. This brings the energy of Mother Gaia and all of her children into perfect harmony. This is the strength of the love that is being emitted from each and every one of you.


Release any remnants of fear that may be clinging to you, and walk, or run into the light that shines always for you. Realize it is always there and it meets your light with a perfection that creates itself in manifestation every moment of your life. Call upon us at any moment, and we shall be there to answer any question and soothe any furrowed brow and bring the smile back to your beautiful faces.


I send you the blessings of a million angels, and the song of a trillion doves.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate