Wakeup Call Message
April 13 , 2005





Today is the day of reckoning for many members of Congress and the Senate. This is a day that begins the process when those members will be deciding their allegiance to their country and to themselves. Today will go down in American history as a day of final destiny for those who choose to honor themselves and their country and the citizenry of the world.


Good morning, I AM Korton, and I AM here this morning to fill you in on an activity that is assuring the smooth transition from the present government to the one that is in line to assist in bringing forward the new regime and the freedom of the people of this nation, and the world.


Never before in the history of this planet has there been such a pivotal time as this. When the history books are rewritten and the truth is shared by all, there will be a great coming together of the people of the world, and a massive reorganization of the cultures and governing parties of the whole planet.


We continue to speak with you of these matters, for you have let us know loud and clear that you are tired of waiting and not knowing what is taking place. To the best of our allowance we will continue to inform you of the steps as they are being taken. Realize that we are bound to certain codes that must be followed, and in that we are able to release certain information only at the point that we are sure the subject is a done deal, as you would say.


Now it is a wonder that anything can come forward and be presented, for there has been a complete wipeout of the information that the illuminati had compiled for the purposes of recording their antics in history. In their arrogance they considered that the people, once they had been completely enslaved by them, would benefit from knowing how they had done this. Their idea was to boast about how they had cleverly masterminded this great enslavement, and in order to convince the people of the world that they were in good hands.


Of course we know that you realize that this was of their undoing, and one of the reasons that they could not succeed in their plan. We all know that light and the love of All is the only mastermind, and it is a freedom that is expressed within it. That is the only way to bring the people of the world to unity, not through slavery and fear, but through freedom and love.


As we go through this day, and meet with the men and women of Congress and the Senate, we are finding that most of the bonds of tyranny are being loosened and that the truth is coming to the front. We are seeing the light come back into the eyes of most of them, and we hold great honor for these people as they one by one show us what they indeed do feel about what they have had to endure, and how much some of them have strayed from the light in their own lives and souls.


When this day is over, and the next one begins, we will surely be meeting again, and this time it will be with many more who have seen how they can bring their own sovereignty back to life and take expression. Many of them will likely place themselves in some avenue of public service and in that way they will be able to follow through on what their original intent was when they came into public office.


These are the ones to watch in the future, my dear ones, for they are the ones who will be able to serve in the original intent. They will be meeting with us regularly to be able to wipe the slate clean and clear themselves of any of the old energy that has kept them entrapped.


As for the others, they will require a bit more of our time and theirs to be able to recuperate from the effects of the energy of fear. This we will allow the amount of time that is required, and we will give them all the time and energy of love that they see as necessary.


All of these people are in an air of freedom the minute they enter our rooms. They are treated with the utmost respect and love, and they are told and shown that they can walk out of here as a free person and take their place in society. They are also told that they may remain and begin their move to a new way of being in the love of the Creator, and the auspices of the country that they so love.


One thing we do insist on, is that they not remain in office once the transition is in place, for without this change there, and complete departure from the present regime, there cannot be a place for them in the future governance of this country.


We will return to these messages in a day or two and give you more of what we are doing. With the announcement that came from many of you that you demand that you know more about what is taking place, we have seen a steadfastness in your ability to comprehend what this means for the people of the world. We honor you, and that is why we share with you, for in this you assist us with your energies of intent.


Go about your day in a joyful way, and know that we are standing right there beside you in love and joy. Salu!


Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate