Wakeup Call Message
April 05 , 2005





          There is a glorious sunrise that is being seen on a part of your world that exemplifies the advantages that are coming your way. With this new dawning of an age of abundance and peace, you will be able to find the solace within your heart to carry forth and live your life in joy.

          With the activities of the past days there has been a gradual coming together of the cessation of war on earth. This is in part due to the activities that we of the Galactic Federation are doing, and in part due to the energy of love and support that you on earth are sending our way, and to the ones who reside in the Middle East.

          I AM Korton, and I come this day to remind you of a time when this kind of energy was prevalent on earth and when the outcome was not as it will be this time. Before, there was complete destruction and disintegration of a society that had found their solace in hiding in the shadows. This was the intention of the larger picture, for without that time in earthís history, there would not be the power struggles and the ongoing energy that has built to this point.

          Allow me for a moment to review the events of the past few days. There has been a variance to the activities between heaven and earth, in that there is no more waiting for the final axe to fall. Matters have been taken into the hands of those of us who have been monitoring the events on earth, and we have seen that despite many chances certain parties have not come to our advisement.

          This has caused us to take actions that we would not have necessarily taken. However, the whole universe is to be affected by the course of what takes place here, and because of this, we could no longer stand down and wait for those ones to find their light and walk forward in that light.

          Now we have given them their time, their deadline is over, and we have taken certain steps to assure that there is no more of the activity that they were engaged in. Realize that as this clears away, we may see a trickling down of certain events that had already been set in motion, and we have been unable to detect.

          Because of this, we are offering that there be a forward movement in the proceedings that are in place and taking effect now. These proceedings have to do with the removal of certain individuals from the planet, and the incarceration of them on another planet where they will be given ample opportunity for rehabilitation.

          Indeed, we are doing this, and when the process is complete, then there will be a coming together of the cleaning of Mother Earth, for we will make ourselves known to the public then.

          We must carefully follow the protocol that is before us, for to vary from it would be to vilify sacred law. For that reason, we keep to our schedule, which has been decreed through the approval of Heaven.

          My dear 0nes, we are at the point now where we are giving these ones who have sanctioned our coming by their inability to come to agreement with our propositions to them, another chance at being able to carry on with their lives in a way that will prove to be an expression of the light that still lives within. Should they neglect to do that, they will seal their own fate, and heaven will decree their circumstance.

          One more point I wish to make is that Hatonn is now with them, and he is proposing a course by which they can justify their continued service to the people of earth. He is offering that on this other planet these ones will not only rehabilitate themselves, but will as well take the liberty of coming to a loving place and from their positions on the other planet assist us with points of cleaning that will benefit earth.

          This would come about through the practices that they would employ in the form of loving energy for the sake of earth and humankind. This would represent the compete forgiveness of their actions, and would set an example of the power of love to completely exonerate those who stand up to be counted. Any return to earth for them would indeed be a matter in the future, and would only come about with the strictest of expression of their complete rehabilitation, and the Grace of the Creator. For now, they will remain off planet.

          We shall keep you all informed as to the progress that is made. There is one more issue we would like to address, and it simply is that we are interested only in having everyone take it into their heart and soul that which they read and hear. This is not a guessing game where there is a wrong and a right. This is a fine example of the power of discernment, and the ability of each sovereign individual to take into his being that which resonates.

We encourage all of you to question anything that may come into your consciousness, and find your own truth about the matter in question. All is perfection, and in that perfection lies the ability to know what you know.


Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate



Hatonn Update: April 04-05, 7:00pm, mt


My message to you all this evening is that there is much taking place in the kitchen and it isnít all spoiled supper. As we progressed through this day, we came to the conclusion that there is much more to the compatriots that come together than meets the eye.


We have seen that within a matter of hours there has been a mass awakening of souls who are here to begin their journey toward the sun. These ones are the family and sometimes the friends, neighbors and acquaintances of the leaders who are in this position of remorse, or being taken off planet.


We have given them exactly 24 hrs from the time of deliverance of the documents to make their decision. There is to be no variance from this schedule, and the time is running close.


These abovementioned ones in the lives of the leaders of the illuminati are using their powers of influence to guide their loved ones to an equitable solution for them and for all of humanity. They see that with their decisions there can be no compromise. Though they love them, they do not wish to see the rest of the world suffer in order to keep them in their midst.


Because of this, there is a great shift taking place in the memoirs of the families that have held so much power up till now. With this shift we are seeing a grand exodus of the ones who are beyond the influence of their loved ones. Also we are seeing a wonderful assessment of the possibility that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for some of them.


This is the deciding factor for those who waver from their truth. This is the time in which their fate is sealed irrevocably, for we will not falter and fade from our stand, for it is solid in light. We know that when the night is over, and the sun rises on a brand new day, we will have seen a separation of the wheat from the chaff, and the world will begin to hear the truth of the nightís activities.


This truth may come disguised at first as representatives of the truth come forward with their stories. These stories may contain diversions that belie their courage to give forth all they know. Such is the power of threat and coercion. This too will pass and the courage for all the truth will spread its wings and reveal all.


I go now to meet with a member of the Federation who has just met with the remaining ones who are in the process of decision-making. These are the times that try menís souls, and these men are tried and will seek to rely on their destiny to pull them out of this one.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate