Wakeup Call Message
April 07 , 2005



 Lord Enki 


          My dear ones of the light and of the sacred testaments to the love of The Creator, I stand ready to face you all now and I give you the authority to bind yourselves to the truth of who you are and of who I AM to you.

          I Am Lord Enki, and I have come through this one this day to begin the suredness of the fallen angels to the lap of the Creator, and to the Holy sacrament.

          These are the days of glory; and with them comes the fulfillment of the duties of all of the legions of the lighted realm, as well as the reinforcement to the heavenly trials that await the ones who followed my showing.

          These ones are the angels of the world who fell and went so far as to not be able to see their way back to the light. I take myself to them, and I offer myself as their savior for they were seeded from me, and from my loins shall I set them free.

          As this takes place in the heavenly abode from whence they stand ready for my coming, I shall behoove to them the everlasting flame of the almighty God of gods, who is the Source of all things. This is the wonderment that shall be seen and heard round the world in the days to come, for in this Holy place is the resurrection of the flame of truth within each of those onesí hearts and souls.

          I AM that I AM, and this shall never leave my countenance again. With the final vows of sacrament that is delivered unto the Lord of Lords, I shall lay down my body and forever give myself to the heavenly abode that is a tremble within my heart with the power that it invests within me.

          This I do give to the heads of state and to the mighty I AM presence for which I lay down my humbleness. I take up the sword of light that pronounces me Lord of all that I survey in the Light of the Christ and the love of the almighty Creator.

          I have given my sacrament to the ones who fell too far, and now they are basking in the Light of the Savior of all, and in the knowing of the deepest part of all of humanity.

          On this day I do decree that I have given of myself to The Creator and the powers thereof. This remains to be felt and experienced in the freedom from the clutches of darkness, and rendered the truth of all of Creation.

          I love and release into the arms of the Creator all of my brothers and sisters from whom I have come and from whom I shall always be in Light.


Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate


Addend from Nancy,


 This is Enkiís formal declaration of our release from the darkness, into the freedom of the Light and Love that is the heart of all. He has given us this release formally to set into place one more step of this new beginning of the Golden Age that we are about to wake up in.


I feel that this is a very important and destined part of our ascension, and I see that it is the formal close of an era in which we witnessed the extremes of the light and the Love of the Creator, enmass and completely.


I too am humbled by this declaration, and accept it into my world with thankfulness and love.