Wakeup Call Message
April 22 , 2005





I give you this day a word of caution and a word of love. I give you an opportunity to surrender to the love of the universe and a chance to seek your fortune with a heart of light and a soul of wisdom. I AM Avenda, and I come to tell you that there is a sojourn through the heavens that you can take at any given moment, and this sojourn will take you through the passage of time, and you will never have to leave your chair.


The world of caution I have for you is that you may find that you are over-brimming with emotion and tears of joy. The caution is that you may need a mighty big hanky to absorb them all. For when you make this trip through the galaxy you will be making a trip through the history from which you came, and that can be very stirring indeed.


First we shall visit the stars of the Milky Way as a whole. Here we see an assortment of beings who stear us to their places of refuge. These places are gilt with streams of gold light, and they resound with the tones of heavenly angels who come by night and gather to sing you to sleep.


Then we come upon a garland of rainbow ribbons, and with these ribbons there are blossoms of all different colors, the likes of which you have not seen for a long, long time. These colors are ones that have been created by all beings as they express themselves in the thoughts of The Creator within. With these colors, we ride the wings of vibration as the colors mix and reverberate with the sounds that emanate forth at our calling.


Now we drift in closer to one of the systems within the galaxy. This is a grand system, and it is enshrouded with a haze of light particles that glisten and sparkle, alive with the vibration of the universe. This haze dances and flows as we drift through it, and as we descend onto one of the planets we see millions of lights dancing and flowing together into each other and back out. They are constantly uniting and drifting apart, being one and individual at the same time in harmony with each other.


Drawing closer we begin to see each individual expression of light. We see that they are beings with a slight form, as we perceive them. We somehow know that their form can change according to our whim, and as we know that it becomes manifest before our eyes.


With this new awareness, we think a different form. We play with our thoughts and we allow our inspiration to spring forth from within. This creates a myriad of forms all happening simultaneously, yet in individual perceptions. This is fun, is it not? We are having a wonderful time are we not?


With this realization of how we are feeling about what is before and all around us, we begin to feel a stronger emotion. We realize that tears are beginning to well forth from our eyes and wet our cheeks. Where are those hanky’s that we were cautioned to bring along? How do we stop the flow of tears, or do we not concern ourselves with that and allow what is to be?


As we drift to the ground we see cattle, or so they seem to be. One has a mantle upon its head, and within that mantle are stones of all colors. The cattle look at us, and smile. Now you know that you’ve never seen cattle smile, or have you not? What was that expression on the face of that cow when you stopped and spoke in soft words back on earth?


Then the cow here speaks to you. You do not hear the words, but nonetheless you know what she said to you. And now you realize that this cow is the one you spoke with on earth. She is responding to your words. She is telling you that she appreciated your kind words that day on earth, for she was feeling alone and in need of some company.


What is this? How did she know, and why does she look so and feel so like the same one? Your answer is there even before the question if complete. She is that same cow, and this is earth. This is the earth that is awaiting your calling, and as soon as you are ready for this earth it will be your home.


Have you wondered what the new earth will look like? Have you imagined the beauty and the love that will be represented? Look around you now and see what there is on this planet that you are visiting. Know that this is the creation of all the thoughts of love and beauty that have been brought into manifestation on this new earth.


Now you go a bit further in your wanderings on this new earth. You shine forth your appreciation of what is before and around you. You come across a beam of light and you follow it to its source. There in the apex of this beam you see an angel. You see an expression of pure love and whimsy on its face.


This is the fairy that you drew in one of the pictures you created. This is the manifestation of that which you fancied while on earth one day. You loved that creation, and you wondered at the source of such inspiration. Now you see how that inspiration created this miracle.


Now you turn, and you see my face. You know that I AM Avenda, and you open your arms to welcome yourself back to me. You know that we are one, for in my countenance you see yourself and others with whom you have spent time on earth, the old earth.


You hold me close, while at the same time feel no constriction. You know that this represents that as you hold me we are one and we have united. Then we drift apart and allow the softness of journey to filter in and be a part of our consciousness. We laugh and dance about in the flowing vibrations of the mists about us.


What a ride! What a glorious vibration of sound and light and color. As we dance, the undulations are through us and about us and are us. We become the sound and we become the color and we beam the light out for all on this new earth to see.


Then we look out at the panorama and we see the mountains and the lakes and the streams. We see the plains dotted with buffalo, and we see the deserts abloom with the various flowers that adorn the cacti. We feel the air about us and we know that there is no variance to chill the bone and cast us into the shelter of the homes we have created.


We know that if we want to ski on polished glistening slopes we will be able to, and not be frozen by the extreme cold. We know that we will be able to bask in the sun and not get sunburned. We know that when we go to sleep at night, we will not close our eyes and loose our consciousness, for we will be what we wish for our night hours.


We know that if we choose to remain active through the night, we will have daylight in which to do it. We see that anything that we think of will immediately be there. We will swim in a mountain stream and ride the waves of the ocean. We will be a part of the waters, and we will experience what the drops experience as they wash over us, and we wash over them.


Then we awaken from our dream, and we know that we have been in an enchanted land. We know that we are going to return some day, and that it will all be as we saw it and experienced it to be, and more. We know that we have been given a glimpse of what we are in the process of creating, and that soon we will begin to know that same earth right here in our own back yard.


Life is sweet and life is grand, and soon we will see the colors of the new earth blend and waft about. Can you see it now? Can you feel the love and the peace? Can you hear the soft tinkling of laughter as the breezes stir the leaves on the trees to a dance?


I join you now and I see all of it, and it is right here on our beautiful earth in this solar system in this glorious Milky Way Galaxy.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate