Wakeup Call Message
April 14 , 2005





My dear ones, this is a time when we must all take our lives into consideration, and find the sense to it. We must take the opportunity that the universe sends our way and then make the most of what that message is.


There is no turning back from the point of inner understanding, and with that understanding there can only come a deeper sense of who we are. This is the universal truth of beginning to pull in all the old memories and discharge them out the energies of fear for transformation into a higher understanding of where we’ve been.


Good day, I AM Avenda, and with this message I wish to take you on a journey of the understanding of the universe and how it affects us when we take ourselves outside of the box we’ve put ourselves in.


Suddenly we begin to find ourselves involved in trysts that are not very comfortable, and certainly not something to treat with kid gloves. Or are they? Aren’t the kid gloves just what we need, a softening of the edges that cause the grating in our souls?


This is the time when all of these adventures are coming to bear in the worthiness we hold for ourselves, and the challenges that come our way when we put ourselves in this position. Do we break and run, or do we stand our ground and see that we are in this for the count?


I say that we stand our ground and we see that we do have a leg to stand on. We do have a right to feel that which we feel, for it leads us to a deeper understanding of who we are, and what we inherently know will bring us to a state of perfection.


Why do the obstacles come into our way of clear understanding? When will we begin to see that we don’t need obstacles? Why do we not see that we are going to be the ones that are responsible for these obstacles, and that then we will be able to remove them in an instant?


This is because we are staring out from a cloud of ego-based trauma that has besieged us for many lifetimes. This is because we have chosen to undergo these challenges in order to more fully be who we are, in the experience of what we are not.


This is the cross we have chosen to bear, and now it is time to unshoulder that cross and walk into our trueness without any remorse, any regrets, or any feelings of despair for the way that we have created our lives.


Please do not misunderstand what I say. It is merely that there is no other recourse at this time, except to allow ourselves to stumble and fall, and then begin again on this long road. We are finding ourselves in a position that makes us take a look, or put the blinders back on and go back to sleep. We will not be able to do that and stay on this new earth that we are in the process of creating with Mother Gaia.


We will be taking our rise and loving it along with all who choose this road. This is the time of decisions, and as we make them, we are given so many gifts of discernment that we are seeing how blessed we are every step of the way.


So now, I come to the end of this theme. I come to the start of a new day, and a wonderful opportunity to be who I AM, right along with all of you. This is a day for celebration, for on this day we have much to celebrate. Not only is this a day for singing for our deeper understanding of ourselves, but too it is a day to celebrate the coming together of earth activities that will support our advancement in the blessings energy.


We are indeed blessed, all of us, for we have been dealt a whole new hand and we are being given the gift of gifts, and that is that we can now see who we are in a brighter light, and we can also see each other in that light, and celebrate the brightness.


I love you all, and I revel in the glow that I see from your faces.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate