Wakeup Call Message
April 12 , 2005





When I awoke this morning I did so with a feeling of expectancy. I did so knowing that today was going to be a good day. So I arose and I picked a good time to sit down here and bring you this message. I AM Avenda, and I would like to give you a perspective on what is taking place in the world today, from the perspective of the one who brings the messages to the readers of the Wake up Calls.


When we, Nancy and I, began these messages, it was with an air of complacency and love. There was also a bit of trust that what was being reported was the truth as it came from her invitation to the vibrations of the masters and angels as they communicated with us.


This has held true as always. Sometimes this has been a challenge, for her own doubts interfered with her ability to bring the soundest information that was available. This too she has been able to overcome for the most part.


Discernment is a valuable tool, and like many other tools can be sharpened and honed to perfection. This is one of the reasons that she continues to bring these messages, and to work on her abilities. When she comes to a place where she doubts, she takes a breath and looks again at what is coming through. Then always in those times she receives a confirmation from some source as to the validity of her doubt, or to the validity of the messages.


Now to the reason for my being here this day. Of course, I AM with her always and I AM the bringer of the energies that she reports. I AM the one who sweeps out there in the world, and in the heavens to gather information of what is truly taking place. I found that these messages are a good way to not only report the news of the day, but also the interpretation of it from the viewpoint of this one in her innate ability to interpret what is taking place.


With this I will tell you that in the night last night, she flew off into the heavens and she landed smack dab in the middle of Iraq. She then took her stand with a group of children who were orphaned by the war. She asked them, “What can I do for you besides love you?”


They looked at her and with beautiful smiles, then they returned, “I want you to love yourself, and to tell others to do the same thing. Then the wars will end, and there will be no more suffering, or orphaned children.” They then said that they are here for a reason, and that is to show the world that they can be Kings and Queens and take this troubled world and make it a joyful playground if only they would be as we are, little children who haven’t forgotten the power of love.


I took my self and Nancy, who was weeping, to a place where there were soldiers, some who had lost limbs and had lost the will to live. She walked among them and kissed their hands and their faces. She allowed them to cry in her arms and to cradled them as they wept.


This gave many of them an opening to allow their higher voice to come forth, and they said to her, “This is the only time in my life that I have been able to see God. I was never able to understand how God could let us come and fight and die, for the causes they told us we were fighting for. Now I understand. It is because we are here to put an end to war, for there is no reason except to show the world the insanity of war, and how it is so against everything that makes sense and is of God.”


We left that hospital with a smile on our wet face, for with that revelation of seeing the children, and then seeing the soldiers hurt and dying, we saw the innocence in motion of the love of God and the sanctity of the almighty power of love unconditional.


This is a grand day in the lives of the people of earth, for with the dawn of this day we have seen that love is living in the direst place of trouble on earth. We see that there is no lack of love in the world, and that there is a purity that is being experienced by those who are bringing us the beautiful gift of their sacrifice in the name of God.


Go now and know that you are blessed with the love of the angels who walk this earth. They are everywhere, and they are in the shadows, for they serve to remind us of the place that we are keeping for those who are finding their way out of the shadows into the light of the day of beauty and love.


When we go to the top of the stairway and look back, there will be no one left behind us, for we will all be contained in the one body, and that is the body of the Christ. I welcome the thought and I love the body who is coming together for the blessed are inheriting the earth and it is Holy.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate