Wakeup Call Message
April 12, 2004



            My beautiful ones, I am your messenger today, and I am Sananda. I look forward to the day when I will be walking beside you, and you will know that it is I. I come to you this day to impart a message of love and clarity. This is a message that brings gladness and joy to my heart every time I utter it, and every time I bring it to my thoughts, for it is a message of the strength with which you carry on in the light that is You.

            With this message I bring you a tale of love and devotion to oneís cause and oneís understanding of how you go about bringing the smooth transition to the lightbody that is even this moment forming in your beingness. This is the body with which you will be performing and carrying out your times in the moments of your life in the new age of Aquarius. This is the being that you are and now you are bringing this out to be seen and experienced by everyone.

            Due to the timing of this message, there are those who are going to read the words and wonder, how is this possible when I see so much anguish and strife present in todayís world? This is tell you my dears is the result of the beingness of your lightbody surfacing and bringing itself to the open. This is what it is doing and when it does it brings all the residue of fear with it to be revealed and cleansed, thus enabling the restoration of the Perfection of the Christ.

            You are all acting as catalysts to the opening of the earth chakras, and when this happens it sends a message of love and compassion to the ones who live within the earth and to those who live on the earth surface. There are two ways that this is working. With the ones within the earth, it is as a trumpet sound when the chakras open, for it sends a reverberation that rings throughout the interior. On the surface, there is a rumbling that takes place in various parts of the globe, and these you hear as earthquakes. The resulting measures take a great deal of understanding to be able to comprehend the real message and purpose of the quaking. This is a time of restoration, and refinement of the old energies. There is a transformation taking place that continues to bring the resultant earth changes and weather changes as well. This can result in unusual occurrences in some areas, and unexpected results of those occurrences.

            When the time comes to bring the truth to the world of what has been taking place in the dark energies, there will be a general acceptance of what is brought forward. For instance consider that there is a glass of vinegar sitting on the counter, and someone pours a bit of cream in the jar. There is a resultant separation is there not? Then when there is an added ingredient of light, or heat, and the mixture is whirled and allowed to build and expand, then there is a delicacy and there is a sweetening of the base ingredients, and the result is something that is considered a delicacy by some.

            This is the delicacy that is to be appreciated and brought to the table of life. When the ones who have been living in fear are brought the whirled and sweetened mixture, then they will look upon it as a wonderful way to use the old almost discarded ingredients that come from a source that is precious and fine in itís own way.

            My dear ones, you are the cream, and the vinegar is the fear that has been generated from the fruits of life. It is the leftover, compressed and processed ingredient that brings the added strength to the mix. When the heat is added to the mix, then the whirling of love and eternal sunshine is brought to the mix; then there is a wonderful result. That result is the establishment of eternal life and eternal beauty for all of mankind.

            This is the interim when there is a shaking up of the energies of the light and the dark. This is when the two are integrated and a whole new being is formed. This is the time when we mix the old with the new and come out with a completeness that pays homage to the old and welcomes the new and blesses the All That Is. It is a time for love and a time for gratitude and a time to rejoice in that spoken word, and the thoughts, and of love, and the feelings that are produced from the beingness of the Whole.       

I encourage you all to take the time to see with your heart and feel with your Spirit all that comes your way. Make room for the injustices to melt away from your perceptions and transmute, to the experiences that bring change and generate a knowingness of what it is to be in the Light and walking in the power of the One. This is the time for all of you to walk forward and accept the golden ring and pass it around to all who see it and feel it, and walk with you, and carry the torch of forgiveness and knowing that the way is here and now, and you are the wayshowers of the truth of everlasting love and brightness of being.

            I bless you all with your own sunlight, and I see your beauty in the Light that shines forth from the All That Is. Salu!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate