Wakeup Call Message
April 29, 2004



I come to dispel your anxiety and your fears that all of the good work and effort to bring out the announcement of NESARA, will come to nothing within this announcement window. I stress again, that now more than ever you must be totally focussed on the reality that is about to manifest. You measure time, and feel it, in a way that gives you the impression that it is slow to manifest the necessary conditions for NESARA to come into being. From my point of view I see the larger picture and am aware exactly what is taking place, and I mean the activities of the dark as well as the Light.


I have told you a number of times that there is a ‘right time’ for the announcement, and we cannot and would not force the issue, as that would be to interfere with your freewill. It is all about Light and its ability to touch the hearts of those who are in fear. Even those who are hearing about the benefits of NESARA for the first time, are likely to be unsure, and wonder what to make of it. People’s trust has to be won, and the last thing I want to see is the Supporters of it becoming doubtful and restless. Tilt the scales that little bit further, and you shall see the wonders of NESARA develop before your very eyes.


A lot of work is going on behind the scenes, some of which it would be unwise to tell you of, yet be assured that all is well. Now more than any previous opportunity to announce NESARA, we are so close to acknowledging that all is in place and ready. The dark are fast losing their devious means of interfering with the future that is planned, a glorious future that will quickly come into your reality. The dark are losing their support and many who were their staunch supporters are in doubt, and large cracks are beginning to appear in their framework. They are subject to the Laws of attraction as well as the Light and their confusion and chaos within their ranks is escalating, they are already in disarray, their little but powerful organisation is breaking apart. Transmute the dark even further and there shall be no opposition left which can have any effect upon our plan to announce NESARA NOW.


We, that is myself and many others who are directly involved in guiding the future of your evolution and the restoration of Earth, are carrying out our part of the Creators Plan, believe me, there is absolutely no way that a few mortals upon Earth can thwart it. The Earth is a very special planet, a home to very special Beings, and they are you. For aeons of time you have come and gone from Earth, through many cycles of experiences, working out your visions of reality and then being part of its manifestation. You have set up situations to test out your determination, and through your own experience whether you can achieve a positive result that would lead to your ideal, living in peace harmony and balance. You have been through this so many times, and often you are given more than one opportunity to accept the same challenge, for example your present civilisation has followed a pattern which closely follows the period during the end time of Atlantis, one that led to its ultimate destruction. You have again gone through this same experience, and your challenge was to make the right decisions that would avoid a repetition of the total destruction that occurred. You have of course a number of times come close to a nuclear holocaust that had the potential to destroy your Earth. It has been a close thing, but good sense and a subconscious remembering of what happened previously enabled you to come back from the brink.


Our influence as it is now is to bring the Light to such situations, and we do our best to help you see beyond your squabbles, and desire an outcome that is for the good of all. We can always see your true potential, and we had no doubt that you would support the Light and make it manifest upon Earth. Since your millennium, you have even surpassed our greatest hopes for mankind, the Light has become so powerful, there can never be any doubt as to the outcome of the events you are now experiencing. Look beyond the outer dressing, see inside the package, notice how there is an upsurge in demands for the Truth, you are breaking out of the control of the dark, they no longer fool you with their platitudes, you are beginning to see how they have manipulated many events, you are seeing right through their subterfuge, they are rapidly losing their power and support.


You have already won the battle; it is just that for the moment you cannot see it to be so. Feel the expectation of victory in the air; there is an excitement at the opening of NESARA and all that it represents. You are about to experience a great joy and happiness, and from thereon you will not look back. As a part of your experience you will need to know the true history of Earth and your part in it, and this also will enhance your understanding.


You are all great Beings, if only you knew yourselves as we know you, we bow before you, we humble ourselves before you, you are truly of the Light, you are Gods. A great unity of souls upon Earth is about to take place, coming together as great Beings of Light, ready to traverse the Universe in search of knowledge. You have much to offer, and yet the learning never ceases. Your future is assured in the Light of Love, you are tremendous Beings of such power, and that same power will now bring to you that which will result in great happiness, joy and Love upon Earth.


Thank you beloved St.Germain