Wakeup Call Message
April 27, 2004


In the early days of Earth, Man had all of his knowledge and understanding that he brought with him from the Higher Dimensions. Your journey through the dimensions has lead you here from the very center of All that Is, you were and still are Gods, who for the purpose of gaining experience have traveled down through many dimensions so as to be able to immerse yourself in the lower vibrations. Without having your real identity veiled from you, you would have found it extremely hard to fully enter the cycle of duality. You knew that this was how it would manifest, and you were exceedingly happy to offer yourselves for such an experience. One day, very soon you will recall these times as your full consciousness is returned to you, and will realize that each and everyone you have met in your sojourn, has also traveled as you have, from a state of bliss, from harmony into disharmony, from balance to imbalance.

You have a song in which there is a line “Many a tear has to fall, and its all in the game, all in the wonderful game of Love”, these are powerful messages, and many a spiritual message has been impressed upon your writers of these verses. These impinge upon your sub- consciousness, and as a result you form an understanding that carries you through life. Conversely, you have songs that have a message that is of an extremely low vibration that can incite violence, or even suicide. Be aware how important your listening choice is, be aware that the music itself is also very potent. Anyone who meditates and uses gentle calming music as an aid will understand what I am saying, music can induce moods that clearly affect you. In wartime time music is often very somber, and reflected patriotism that is engendered in you to stir you to help your country. Marching is often accompanied by brass bands and although it is functional to keep good marching time, it heightens the feelings of courage and determination, which are needed in the face of combat. Films are particularly expressive in their background music and can give you great happiness, love, or sorrow and fear. Some music can also be very hypnotic and those of you who are vulnerable can become disorientated.

Music is sound, and sound is a vibration that your charkas respond to and if you could see these centers of energy, you would note the way in which they are affected. A good vibration will stay with you after it has stimulated your charkas, and there is a balancing that makes you feel good, and it may last for quite a while. Discordant vibrations can unbalance your charkas, and you will feel out of sorts, and even illness can result. You do not realize how important it is that you work or play in an environment that creates harmony around you, I could go as far to say that your health and happiness depend on it. Music can be healing, and many aeons ago such as in the Temples of Atlantis and Egypt, they understood the power of sound and they used it for this purpose. They also had a similar understanding of the powerful energies associated with color, and often used the two together.

Your body is a wonderful instrument that you should look after very carefully, listen to it, it will tell you how it feels in response to how it is being treated. Look at the most powerful force in the Universe, LOVE. There cannot be a single person who has not at sometime experienced it. Love can be induced in many ways, but usually your most vivid memories will involve another person, a loved one. Love can be all consuming, people have been completely changed by it, and when rejected there is an opposite force that also very powerful, that of hate. Love can perform miracles, hate can kill and if you consider what is happening in the Middle East at present, a deep hatred is at work. This is born out of negativity and frustration, and if it is to be transmuted an immense amount of Love is required. Can you imagine the amount of unhappiness, sadness and rejection that is felt, that needs to express itself in death and destruction. It is like an illness that will run its course, but it could be shortened by a great outpouring of Love. People need to be loved, as your Creator God loves you, there is never a moment that you are not being sent loving energies, and whatever creed or religion people are the same, all over the world. Be compassionate and pray for all sides in the Middle East conflict, there can be no question of taking sides, you are all ONE. Try to understand the problems that have brought about the violent situation that exists, try to help find a solution that offers unconditional peace. Put the ‘wrongs’ right, help create an environment that you would yourself be happy with, the people involved are no less than you in deserving a peaceful and happy life. Love will defuse the aggression, and even the hardest hearted person will succumb to being treated in a kindly and loving manner.

You are on the verge of a dramatic change upon Earth, but to fulfill your destiny there has to be a great coming together, and equality in life determined by where the help is most needed. If the Will is there, the means to accomplish it will be given to you, and I refer in part to the abundance and wealth of Earth, and the prosperity programs that are soon to be released by funding from the World Trust set up by myself as the Comte St. Germain many years ago. I know there are many willing workers ready to achieve these goals, and once it starts the rapid changes upon earth will be there for all to see. The long-standing situation giving rise to the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ will be remedied, as each and every one has the right to live and share the fruits of their labors. Everyone has the right to claim that which has been provided by your Creator God. By aspiring to this equality you will help bring it into manifestation very quickly. Set aside any differences, believe in the future that beckons right now. Become a tower of Light in the darkness, give of yourself to achieve Love, Harmony, and Happiness all around.


I am St. Germain and I have never been closer to you all than now. We are as One in Love and Light.

Thank you dear St.Germain,

Mike Quinsey