Wakeup Call Message
April 13, 2004



            This day I come to you with a song of forgiveness and a cheer for the ones who stand in line for the handouts in the land of the gold and silver. I come to you and ask that you sing along with me and take your place in the celestial happenings that raise the notes to a crescendo of beauty unsurpassed in the annals of time. My dear ones, I am St. Germain, and I come to show you how you can see the results of your authority over the might that is presented to you in this illusion. First I would like to remind you that the events taking place in your world this day, are no more than the shadows that are created from the bright happenings that you do every moment to bring this world to your understanding of the Light that shines over all.

            I realize that all of this feels very real to you, and in this respect it is, for what are feelings if not representations of the stamp of the soul. When this comes to the table of life, it presents itself as the creation that you have been instrumental in bringing forth. What I would like to make clear to you is that when you set your feet upon these shores and walked the direction that took you to these memories, you did so with a plan that echoes now along the corridors of time.

            How you have created that plan! How you have molded the events that brought this picture to your screens! We in the celestial realm have remembered when we sat with you and laid the groundwork for the events, as they would be set in place for this eventual outcome. We all knew that this plan would bring us to the eventual surprises that you live now. We knew that there would be a considerable display of the polarity that has been in effect for these millennia. Now we see the polarity bringing the changes that it inherently does, and we also see the results are manifesting in the fullness of the promise that comes from this type of energy exchange.

            If you could but join us in your consciousness at this moment, you would see the outcome is that of the reverse polarity that brings the harmonic emptying of the strife and the troubles that play across your screens right now. You would see that this event today, leads to the event that promises to bring you roses and silver gilt cups of joy, and promises of rainbows the lead to the pots of gold.

            The lost lives that you weep for that take place in the carnage of the battlefield are angels that upon entering their home in the heavens weep with joy for they have accomplished the ultimate for their family of man. They arrive here with us and they join in our chorus and they send their tones of comfort back to the loved ones who weep over their loss. They sing of the heavenly remains of the battle and show you that the fullness of the battle has been reached and they are glowing with the resonance that speaks to you all in your heart of hearts and your soul memory that says, I am still with you and shall join you in the New Golden Age. Nothing ever is lost, only redirected for the good of all. This is our final goodbye to the unrest that plagues mankind. The trumpets are blowing in the fields of glory, and the walls of infinity are tumbling down to reveal the majesty of man as you stand beside us and love the wonder that is the All.

            So go about your days, my dear ones, and see that there is a light in every window, and it shines for you and it shines for us and it shines for all who have come before and who will come again. Take the ribbons from the trees and bring them to the alter of love and see them joined all together in one solid chain of love that encircles the globe and unites all that is in one yellow-gold ring of love and truth for all of mankind.

            We love and adore you all, and we send this message on the wings of the angels. All is well, and we join you all in the prayers and the promises of love till the end of never.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate