Wakeup Call Message
April 08, 2004



When the attack on the US happened there was a direct and responsible effort to bring the incidence of the war on poverty and the war on drugs to an equitable field of acceptance and power within the people of the country. This was the smokescreen that pervaded the energy of the occurrence and this was one of the elements that was determined to have influence with the people of the world. This shock effect was so great that it was indeed the impetus that refocused the interest away from the other issues and onto the matters at hand. This was a deliberate ploy to go around through the back door to get to the real issues that would give them the power to come into a place where they could gain a stronger foothold and gain control of the powers of the universe and therefore this planet. This brought to the field the establishment of the Homeland Security, and the reason behind the ongoing zeroing in on the security of the US.

I would like to remind you all of the ways in which the president came to power. He was born into the family that came to power in the mid seventeenth century. This family became the power field that ruled the world and made the cryptic choices that established the influence of the essential elements to their cause of a world power. This power would gain mastery in the ways that came from their personal gain, and not from the field of humanity. This came about because of the misuse of power, and the ongoing dedication to their plan to subvert and use for their purposes the effects of their subversions.

            This brings us to this point in history, where the governing of the people is by the ones who would have them be subverted by their own supposed inadequacies. What better way to gain the control of the people than by turning their own ideas of sovereignty into a suppressed and weak resemblance of what once was? This was the plan to disrupt the relevancy of the peoplesí power to the powers of the Almighty, and deliver it to the powers to the hidden and the corrupt. This came about through the numbing down of the people over time and the gradual overcoming of their inherent power to be who they are in their fullest.

            What I have come to tell you today is that there is no amount of coercion that can take the place of the lightness of being, and that no matter the incidences of testimony on various ones part, there will be a coming together of the elements of truth. The spirit of many will see through the propaganda and bring to light the truth to the world. This is but a springboard to the truth and the revelation of light that will set the people free. This is going to find itís way into the hearts and minds of many who are now teetering on the brink and finding that their gut is not allowing the subversion to sink in and keep them bound to the numbing down that has been in place. The light of the truth is coming in and melting the core of the untruth and revealing in their various places what they know to be true.

            Come with me my fiends and see the truth as it speaks to you, not through the words of televised media at this time, but through the body language that speaks the truth and belies the words that fall upon suspecting ears and knowing hearts. The truth will come through the words and one day the message between the lines will speak louder than the words do today.

            I come to you this day to tell you that there is a plan in place to bring to the front the truth that there has been very little freedom for a good long time. There are those who have in various ways brought this staging to the world to topple down their supposed truths, and allow the world to see behind the curtain. The world is going to see and remember how it is to be free and then they will realize that in their own history of this lifetime they have not been free since they were born into this world. They will be free in the time it takes to bring back to their world the authority that serves to create their world as they see fit. This is the way it will be done. Each individual who sees his/her own truth will bring the authority to their lives and the sovereignty of the might to the situation that is prevalent in their lives.

One by one, two by two, eight million by eight million, the changes will come and the world will change. This is how it starts my friends, by doing your life the way you see fit and just, and by allowing your heart-soul to take a stand, and in love bring your world to the expression that speaks from the souls and from the purpose of your lives in the name of love and compassion forever and for all.

            I am St. Germain, and I am speaking to you on this morning of deep resonance with the ones of the world and you are all my brothers and sisters the family of The Creator. Blessings are yours to give and receive, for in the giving is the receiving. It is all One.


Than you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate