Wakeup Call Message
April 07, 2004


Mike Quinsey is an active participant in our ET First Contact section of this site. He recently stated receiving messages from St. Germain, and this is one of them. Soon you will be able to read more of his messages from St. Germain on the ET First Contact section.

Good Morning St. Germain


In the beginning there was God, in the end there will be God, God is all there is. We are all One in God, therefore every life form you see or are aware of, even life forms that are so unlike your selves that exist off-world. In the future when you become Galactic Beings you will meet many such Beings, some in a form totally new to you, most will be humanoid but in Godís kingdom there is variety beyond measure. Each form is well suited to its environment and created with that in mind. Some forms would to you appear lifeless yet they hold a consciousness that evolves in its own particular way.

  You could liken this to your rocks, which in your lifetime seem to have no perceptible growth or movement, but do nevertheless evolve. When First Contact takes place very soon, you will begin to meet similar Beings to your selves from within your own solar system, along with humanoid Beings who are now familiar to many people through the sightings of what you call Greys, who are in fact Zeta Reticulans.

  Beings that have risen up into the higher vibrations are more in harmony and balance, and this is reflected in their appearance and countenance. They are beautiful Beings who also exhibit their light as a powerful auric glow, and often you will see their heart chakra fully developed, a brilliant white light. You too are destined to evolve into such Beings, but the work you need to do to achieve this is down to you. We will of course help you if the Will is there, and at all times you have your guides and Angels in attendance, ready to answer your call for guidance. In this coming period of time, particularly when you enter the Age of Light you will be able to openly converse with such Beings, because your vibration will be more compatible with theirs than what it is now.

  The Universe abounds with Life, you have such an exciting time ahead when as fully-fledged Light Beings you will be able to traverse it and even beyond. The Creator has provided a playground in which you can play out your hearts desires. There will be nothing within your vibration that you will not be able to experience, should you choose to do so. All of this wonderful adventure lies ahead of you, and you will truly become Galactic Beings.

  Meantime there is a little matter by comparison that remains to be sorted out that will trigger all of these events into your lives. I speak of the formal announcement of NESARA and be assured there is absolutely nothing that can now stop it becoming manifest. Patience is still required, as the timing is still in the loving hands of our Creator, but it is imminent. Keep your positive approach to this great event, do not allow despondency to enter your thinking, now more than ever it requires you to remain steadfast and Will and desire NESARA into being. To weaken now would be to give the dark another foothold, whereas they are losing their grip very rapidly, and soon will have nowhere to go. The battle of Light and dark is won, what you see now is the last struggle, kicking out blindly, but to no avail.

  Feel the joy and happiness within your very being, that a very long journey is about to end. You are ready for the next step in your evolution, the book is open and the Truth shall be made known, you are all Gods, accept your God-ness, it is time to become that which you are.

  I too share these wonderful moments with you, my heart beats for you, my Love enfolds you, and soon we shall be together, soon we shall be talking as easily as you talk to your loved ones. The time has come, embrace it with all of your Being.


Thank you, beloved St. Germain

Michael Quinsey