Wakeup Call Message
April 26, 2004


I asked these questions of the ones that some of us have come to know as “The Brothers”, St. Germain, Sananda, Enki and Enlil. The answers come lovingly from their blended energies.


Nancy: What can you tell us about NESARA and first contact? Is it imminent, and if so, please give us some details.


Sananda: My dear one there is an ongoing tribunal that meets continually in the various places around the world. When these meetings are in session, which is at all times in varying degrees, there is a steady influx of information that keeps us informed as to the activities that are taking place in the interest of bringing NESARA to announcement and assuring that first contact will be smooth and operational.


We are doing our best to assure that this whole process will be met with an amount of acceptance that will represent the well being and awakenness of the people. There is no longer any room for deception or underhandedness in the process, for there are no longer any who will be allowed to interfere in what we are about to bring forward. It is our definitive intent to bring this age of darkness to a close and usher in the new age of golden light to the people of the world.


The degree of light energy necessary in order to bring this about stands at 98%. When this reaches 100% then you will see the advent of the miracles flowing in and assisting all of you to the new life and golden promises in manifestation. No longer will the third- dimensionality bind the people to the vestiges of the old order. With these changes that are about to come there will be a degree of freedom that has not been experienced on this planet for some time. There is no longer any doubt that this is to be a wondrous coming together of the light and the dark, and when this happens all will be in harmony.


N: What are some of the steps that we can expect from the ET’s and Masters?


You will find that when we come into your presence physically we will look for the most part as you do. Our outward appearance is for the most part human. There are those who will remain aboard their ships who are in their own way as natural appearing as anyone else, to their own perspective. However to you they will appear foreign and in some cases will require a period of accustoming yourselves to their appearance.


When we come into your presence, we will do so in a way that will bring comfort and understanding to you. We will present ourselves in the natural way of others on this planet, in that we will be introduced to you through the auspices of familiar faces that you have come to trust; earth leaders and people of trust will be our hosts. They will introduce us and allow us our story.


Then we will have the opportunity to announce to you who we are and some of our history not only with you on earth, but throughout the galaxy. When this is accomplished, then we will be able to find our way into your everyday life, and we will then be in a position to work with you and keep the energies of change strong and sure. We will be able to assist you to the bringing about of the new ways of governing and of bringing humanitarian improvements to your lives.


There will be an assembly in each country that will lead the people into positions of self empowerment and when they are able to take the responsibility for their lives in the ways that are self generating and free of the tyrannical influence that has been prevalent for so long, then they will begin to remember their inner strengths and sovereignty, and they will all find that they are living in the freedom that they have been working for. This is a bright new time for the people of earth, and we are very pleased to be able to be a part of this new transition. There is much that can be done, and many who will be here to assure that the transition is smooth and joyful.


N: Will people be able to go ahead in the plans that they are working towards now, or will there be a time when they will have to drop those projects and focus on another issue?


We will not ask that life as you know it stop immediately. Life as you know it, that is to say, as you are bringing into your reality, life as you would have the world know it, will continue. In order to bring this world into harmony there will be the bringing forward of all that is dreamed of. When you each took the reigns of a project and started to work towards that beautiful goal, it was with the inner knowledge that this was part of the transition stage. Therefore yes, these projects will continue and you will see an effortless flow to their manifestation. They will come about in a joyful manner, and you will all realize that the journey is the issue, and the goal attained is but the anticlimax. You will also find that when one project seemingly ceases, then that goal attained will simply blend into the next one and the next. For is that not the way of life? It is to smell the roses along the way and never loose sight of the garden and how it got there.


N: Can you tell us anything about what is taking place right now that is going to bring the announcement of NESARA?


We can say this much, that there is coming to this process the assistance of a hierarchal assemblage that has been at the ready to step in, in the event that it shall be called for. There are certain parties on earth who have at last seen the necessity for these ones to come and assist the process. This has been very much welcomed, and the way is being prepared for this intervention and intercession. When all the processes are completed for this, then you will see the results. There will come a time after the announcement when it will be very clear to you why the process has evolved as it has. When this takes place, then you will be able to understand why there has been the interim of time, and why there have been the occurrences that have lead to this conclusion. Speaking of the heavenly influence, it is a matter of utmost importance that we bring all of the fruits to bear in this process. The harvest is almost complete for the setting of the table, and the sharing of the feast.


This plan has been a long time in the playing out of the dark and the light. Many millennia have passed since the onset of the polarity game. We have seen and experienced ourselves the results of all of this. Now we are seeing the results of the coming together of the dark and the light in this final stage of the game. No more are we seeing fingers pointing to those who would be called evil. No longer are we regarding those who wrought injustices upon fellow humans as being the ones who must be punished. No more are we using our energies of judgment and disdain for those who served to bring about the events of polarity to manifest this degree of energy that is thrusting us all into this new level of dimensionality. We see that all have equal part in this playout, and that all have played their parts so well, some so well as to lose themselves in the drama to the point that they are being drawn to The Creator energy with a love so profound as to awaken and comfort even the most lost of souls.


There are no lost souls who will not be given the chance to see their origins once more and walk with the light of the All. It is through the light of unconditional love that everyone on this planet will be embraced in that love and brought to the feet of the All That Is. You are all most loved, and we stand in awe of your feats and your employments of the vestiges of light that you bring to this time. There is no sweeter gift than to see the power with which you go forward in the strengths that you are and create a heaven on earth that far surpasses anything that has come before. We honor you for your work and your part that you have played and continue to play in this great plan that is serving the whole of this universe called Nebadon. We welcome you all to the Universal Order of Love and Joy.


N: Thank you very much for this information this morning. I am sure that everyone will be grateful for this. We love you so very much, and we welcome you to our presence at any time.



Nancy Tate