Wakeup Call Message
April 19, 2004


B: I sense people are not participating in groups as much right now. I also sense

that many are getting weary of waiting for the promised announcement.

M: It is this way... fatigue is noticed

B: Everyone I chat with seems to be at the edge of the abyss financially.

N: Yes, I think tax time really hit some hard without NESARA

B: Yes, fatigue is showing up in many now. We are all tired of this play but spirit

thinks it is great. When people are down and out, what can they say?

M: I have been publishing books, to help to bring up people's spirit

B: That is wonderful work you do; bless your heart.

N: I think the best way to handle this is to just go about our life as we were before

we heard about NESARA. Do you remember how you lived your life then? Didn't

you put your all into things that you wanted to do and bring into your life?

M: To help people, with teachings, that has been intended.


N: Yes, to share what we have learned that has helped us in our life.

Bob T says: Yes but we do know about NESARA now and we know that this is

what is needed on the planet RIGHT NOW.

N: We also know that we can have what we want, now.

M: How? ... To leave aside that, that so much has cost us... no, no,no. Are to


B: Do we really need another 10 million people go hungry one more day before

the announcement?

N: We have to know that we have to step out in life with the knowledge that we

can bring things about, and stop being the victim of the illuminati.

B: Do we need another 10,000 people killed before the announcement?

N: I think that is one important thing we have been forgetting to focus on here,

and that is to NOT be their victim.

B: Do we need to protect the "free will" of the criminals one more day before the


N: No, we have to focus on our strength, not what they are doing.

B: What is it going to take for the "so called white knights" to act?

B: Why doesn't SG put us on the announcement decision team we will get it done?

N: That is the way to gain our footing and bring this all to an end, not by stating the

obvious and being angry and standing in that anger.

M: That is, to focus in our force and to forget the illuminati.

N: We need to go forward with what we do have control over, and that is what is in

our immediate life, and that is our ability to send energy and envision the world a

safe and glorious place.

N: To forget them, is to WITHDRAW our energy from them, so they do not have

that to use. They feed on our fear; if we ignore them, they'll be standing in an

empty field with no one to do their dirty work.

M: I am requesting, what is said in Anne Bellringer’s message, the end of the


N: Yes, see everyone wiping their tears and standing straight and sure in what

they know to be their truth and love.

B: In this 3D illusionary world we need the release of the wealth to bring and end

to the starving of the people.

M: It is this way - to forget them, they don't our Light the way we do.

nancytate@myway.com says: To forget them and focus on how we can accomplish

what we need for us and the world, is the way.

M: Yes.

N: What do you suppose would happen if everyone stopped focusing on what they

were doing, such as those like Stephen Simon, for instance. Suppose he and many

others stopped bringing us spiritual cinema and put all their attention on fighting the


M: Oh-h-h!

N: What we would have is mass feeding of the illuminati; I can see them now,

rubbing their hands together at the feast before them, and gorging themselves on

the gluttony of fear

N: They would have enough power then to go on into eternity. Instead, we all just

ignore them and focus on what we can do to bring peace and joy and abundance

into our lives and the lives of others. That is the way to do it.

M: Yes ... Yes!

N: There are those who will bring out the facts of what has happened, like the 9/11

issue, and then we go about doing what we can to help these people who are angry

to deal with that anger and realize that this is the world we deal with. We are the ones

who can make the difference. Once the cards are on the table, then everyone

can see how to get their ace in the hole and make it work for them, instead of

wallowing in the fear. The way to make it work is to take control and see that this

doesn't happen again.

B: NESARA is the LAW and it needs to be put into force now it has been the law

for 3, going on 4 years.

N: Why do you think the people aren't out in the streets demanding that the

president and the others tell us the truth?

M: I think that not all are in the fear, but rather many are in when, when does it

happen?... something like that. There is more pain than fear.

N: Why do you think they don't just say, I don't need the commission to show us

what happened because I know the truth?

M: Oh-h-h, if that is fear... it is true.

N: Because they've been brainwashed into thinking that the president can do no

wrong and wouldn't do something that is so harmful to our people?

B: This has nothing to do with the law. The law has been passed and needs to be

put into action.

N: That is because they have been subverted and their minds programmed to not

think for themselves, to not touch their feelings about this.

B: It didn't take homeland security law 4 years to be put into action.

N: If they were in touch with their feelings they would be outraged and then maybe

they would take a stand.

M: Yes, yes.

B: It didn't take 4 years to drill more oil wells in Alaska.

N: That is what happens when people stuff their feelings.

N: Like sheep, they give up without a fight. We know all what they are doing, and

we are up against all that stuff. Do you see that by dwelling on it that it does any

good? Don't you feel helpless against that? Well then, the way to counteract that

is to make your life as beautifully focused on what you are doing to make your world

better, and then you will not feel helpless.

B: I am not fighting anyone, but the pleas of the lightworkers seem to go unheeded

by the ascended masters when it comes to asking for this announcement to come

forth now.

N: That is the first step to making what they are doing weaker. If we don't supply

them with the fear, then they won't have enough power to keep their stuff going.

B: The people on this planet want peace; they have spoken.

M: That... it is no longer called, it is supplication to the ascended teachers.

N: There are those who are making it their life's work to take a stand on these issues,

and if it is your work, then do it. But do it in such a way that your drive and passion

sends you forward in the work, not your anger and fear.

M: It is this way... people have spoken of peace in the world.

N: The fear my be the motivator, and a powerful one, but then you have to allow the

passion to take over and lead you in that work. Whatever your passion, even if it

doesn't seem to have a connection to the other issues, it does, because everything

is connected; it's all energy and all part of the whole, so it affects everything.

M: Yes.

N: It's so simple and so basic. We've forgotten how when the bully came up to us

and told us he would beat our brains up, the brave ones stepped aside and left the

bully feeling weak and powerless. We have to do that now. We may be quivering in

our boots as we walk away, but within a few steps we are finding that we are sailing

towards our goal and not running away.

M: I think that it lacks little... that this is the last thing.  From yesterday in the afternoon,

this comes to mind: END to the suffering!



                I would just like to add to this conversation a few thoughts. There is no one

in this world who would like to see all this insanity end more than I would. I have seen

for myself how unsettled and hopeless I can feel when I come up against all that is

going on in the world. I would also like to say that there is nothing that can be gained

by burying our heads in the sand. There is a difference between going to the lengths

that we are pressed to go to in the name of peace and love, and going out on a limb

to find the answer to the questions that do not leave us alone.

                There is something we can do, though, to find our way to the sane, loving world

that we aspire to; and that is to take our lead in our lives to bring about that which gives

us inspiration and fills us with feelings of love and power and a peaceful countenance

that radiates out for all the world to see. We cannot help but bring a greater degree of

influence to the planet when we step out in our power and give the works that we involve

ourselves in all that we have.

We are the difference we can make in this world, and until

we bring the completeness of that power to our lives, we will be giving a part of our power

to others who would see us fail at what we endeavor, rather than join us in our power and

allow the energies of change to move us ALL forward in the Grace that has been given us

by Creator God. And who is Creator God? Creator God is in us; Creator God is everything.

We have given ourselves permission to go forward in our power and create the world we

desire and intend for our lives.

NESARA represents so much more than the 3D aspect of

what it stands for. It represents the feelings and emotions that determine what we do in our

lives, and as we are stepping out in those feelings and emotions that represent the power of

our passion in action we are helping to bring NESARA to announcement and into our

lives for the ushering in of the New Golden Age.


Thank you,

Love, Nancy Tate