Wakeup Call Message
April 22, 2004


Hi Everyone,


I have to write this letter to you in order to state to the universe and my family that what I have to do right now is devote the bulk of my time and energies to this project I told you I am involved in. I have been having a bit of a challenge in getting down to business with this; we call it a block. So what I am doing now is taking the first step to unblocking and getting on with this work.

            I will be focusing my energies for a time on writing the story that is to be a movie, and then a book. Yes, that is the work I am involved with right now, and it is a story of what I have termed an autobiography of a past life. This is a story of the beginnings of many of the transgressions and joys of our society today. This is a story that finds some of the origins of attitudes and blunders of today, and maybe can unlock some of the mysteries of why we have evolved to this point. It is my story, and many others’ who are in the family of man today. One of the others who is directly involved in this story is working with me on this.

I have found in the information I have been receiving thus far, that the statement "And the first shall be the last" is very much appropriate, for I have seen how so much of my life today is rooted in the events and emotional representations of the lifetime I experienced back then in the time 4090BC. I have also found where my blocks are coming from; I know that when this is written I will find great healing and strength in the release of the old patterning that took root back then. Yes, the story involves Enki.

    I already feel your strength and support with me, and I am very grateful to have you in my life. In doing my work, I will not cut myself off from all of you; I am collecting the support and love from all of you today. I will carry that with me into this next stage of this work. I will be discontinuing the wake up calls for this time, which will maybe be only a couple or three weeks. I feel that once I get the flow going sure and strong, I will be able to complete it and get on with the screenplay, and the rest of the process.

   Thank you, for being here and for being the beautiful Light Beings that you are. We are all in this together and I will never forget that. I will be monitoring my regular mail, so if there is a pressing need, you can reach me at treet@myway.com.   

      Love you all,