Wakeup Call Message
April 15, 2004


Last Night I Had a Vision   


Last night I visited a friend, and we joined a gathering of women to sing/chant some beautiful music. After about half an hour, with my eyes closed to better be the music, I saw a vision that stirred my heart and warmed my soul.

            On a rise in the desert in Iraq stood about seven or eight Iraqi children. To their left was a shell of a building, gutted by war. All around them, several hundred yards away, were rings of fire and fighting. When I saw them, they suddenly looked up, their eyes wide open and searching the heavens for something. Then I realized they heard us; they heard music from heaven, music that rang from the hearts of so many. Our music represented the music that sings from the heart of so many around the globe, who tuned in and sang their own response to our music. That is what those children turned their heads to and heard.

            Then I saw angels swoop in and take the children by their hands. They led them off the rise and over the hills and the sand dunes, and as they neared the fires, the fighting receded, and the rings of fire parted and allowed safe passage away from harms way.

            I saw them go into the villages, and as they walked all the fighting stopped and soldiers lay down their weapons. Some of the villagers and the soldiers stepped in line and walked with them. The others stayed behind, and did not resume fighting.

            This is the way we are doing it, my friends. We are bringing this war to an end, in the hearts of the people, through our heart songs and through our prayers and visions of peace and love. We are bringing this New Golden Age in through the children, and the love, innocence and wisdom that they represent. We are the angels, as are they, and we are taking our stand and walking in the Light of Spirit to clear the way for the new family of man and for the unity of All There Is. I invite you to join with us in our song and to feel the peace that is generated from those beautiful tones of love and reverence for All That Is; and see it resonate throughout the land.


Thank you,

Love, Nancy