Wakeup Call Message
April 09, 2004



            My dear ones this day is a day when many around the world are gathering to pay homage to a man who gave his all to the world to show his love and to give them the knowledge that they are truly his brother in every sense of the word. This man is Jesus-Sananda, and he is by my side at this moment. He and I are in a ray of light that bespeaks the unity of all that is. I am Enki, and I bring you this message so that all may know that you are the masters of your course, and you walk in the shoes that Jesus walks in and that now Sananda walks in.

            When I came to this life, I did so with the knowledge that all is in the Divinity that speaks of the freedom with which The Creator came to allow us our sovereignty and the freedom to live our lives in the purposed direction and intent that is our inheritance from Him. This is represented in the many avenues of worship, and the varied ways in which we choose to live our lives.

            When I came to this time of the All That Is, I did so with the knowledge that there is only one Supreme Being, and that is the Whole that we are, in the energy of The Creator. This is the unity that serves us all, and delivers the strain of activity that speaks to our oneness. With this time of the transition to the lightbody state that you are all moving toward, there is a message that I would like to impart to you.

            Some have seen that my sister Ninhursag and I were the creators of hu-man. This has been recorded in the passages of time. It was interpreted from the records from the times that we used our knowledge of science and brought forth the ones who would serve us in the mines and in the many expressions on earth. Now is the time for the truth to surface, and for the real story to come forth. A story that is only partly there is a story that is only partly speaking the truth. The further truth of this story is that with the direction of The Creator, we gave life to another form of human, and allowed this creation to go forth and multiply and to express in the creation of their own sovereignty. What gave these hu-mans the ability to do this was not just through the science that we imparted to them, but also through the direct fact that the spark of the Creator, the Divinity, is present in every creation of man and God and The Creator. There is nothing in creation that is not of the Supreme Being. This is the Law of Creation. The so-called Gods of Creation referred to are the rightful ones who gave their abilities to the world, and yet, that would not have been possible had there not been the Grace by which we lived in the essence of The Creator.

            We all live in that essence. We are that essence. There is no differentiation, except that which we would see. There is only one Supreme Being, and to see that there is more than one is to see that there is less than the Perfection of the All. When you walk in your world, and see what you see through your physical eyes, you see the expression of that All. You see what it is that your perceive to be the separateness of the All. This is your illusion, and you have created this. This idea has been supported by the All, and that is what gives the materialization to the illusion.

            This day represents a day of death, a day of crucifixion, and a day of judgment. This day represents an illusion, for there is no death, save what we would perceive. There is only life in the eyes of the Creator, and that has been seen by all. This is the time in the history of man that all is brought to the throne for the adoration of the All. On this reverent holiday week-end, there is the potential to see that each of you have come to the cross and found yourself to be the one to come down off the cross and walk among the dead, and then rise again to a clearer understanding of the Divinity of man. This is the time when you can see how you walk in His shoes and hold His hand and stir the juices of love, to be kindled and sparked into the flame of eternal youth and eternal life.

            Easter is for all of us, and it represents that the time has come for the lamb to lie down with the lion and for all the world to be united in love and in the spirit that is the All. Creator God is the energizer of our lives, and that is the real story of the crucifixion and the resurrection of the Christ. This is the time that was immortalized in the history. Now history has come full circle, and the truth of life is coming to be realized by all who live it. You are about to be the resurrected. What you have been experiencing these past few years has been the crucifixion.

            Welcome to the threshold of the perfection of the Creator’s love. You have been walking and expressing in that love forever, and now you are about to experience fully what that means. I stand here with open arms along with my brothers, my sons, my family, and I wipe the tears of joy from their face, as they do from mine. We weep with the joy that brings the reality of mankind to the table for the last supper that represents the folly of mankind.

This is the time for rejoicing, and bringing to the table the feast of the ages, and it is fine my dear ones, it is Holy and I see your names on all the place cards that regale the places of honor, for they are places of honor, and we are the ones to serve the gifts and the blessings. No finer place is there for us to be than by your side and serving you with love and Grace and the finest that The Creator can set before you. We dress ourselves in the finest there is, and we parade ourselves before you in honor and joy and love for all you have done and continue to do. The Dove of Peace flies overhead and delivers this message to you all, with the love that speaks to the multitudes and rests in the hearts of All.

            Bless you, and keep you, in the bosom of the love of The Creator.


Thank you dear Master Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate