Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 9,2003

           This is a time when all good men come to the aid of their countrymen. This is a time when all good people come to the aid of their fellow human beings. This is a time for the opening of the shadowed door of rebellion, and the revealing of the times of plenty that will come for all mankind.

            Good morning my treasured ones; I am St. Germain, and I bring you a delicate matter that needs to be addressed at this time. This is a matter of dire interest to all of those who are in confluence with the Master race of humans, which is all of you. You are directly responsible for the outcome of this time on your planet. You are the guardians of this earth, and it is up to you to save it from the destructive forces that are in line today.

            I say this to you because it is necessary for you to bring order to your land without the interventionary actions of the Light Forces, because in order to take yourselves to the next higher level of vibratory status, you must take action to bring yourselves to that status with the assistance of the Light forces. In other words, we are ready, and in some cases are acting in your behalf, to assure that the actions that are in place will happen as soon as is possible. There is one remaining thing that you as a people must do in order for this to be carried out. I ask that you find it within you to bring forward the appropriate energy to subvert the energies of the other faction in this land that would see their reign of tyranny continue.

            This reign will not be allowed to continue, however it is up to you to find the avenue through which this can be accomplished. We are ready to step in if it becomes necessary to save the planet, but you have it within your power to do this yourselves. It is without the use of force that this can be accomplished. It is with the employment of your sense of knowing and intention for there to be peace within, on, and surrounding the planet. This, my dears, you can find in your hearts and your inner being. All that is needed is for a certain number of beings, lightworkers, to shine forth with that light and love that is their innermost beingness, and see the world in a peaceful state. Live that peace in your everyday lives, and exemplify the very epitome of what it means to be a sovereign being on this planet. It is that simple, my friends, and it will accomplish miracles.

            So, I say to you this fine morning that the planet is in good hands, and it has always been. You have gloriously wended your way through the lives that have brought you to this point, and now it is time to give the final outcome of this stage of the game your unique stamp, and bring in the peace to your hearts that will set your beloved planet free. It is part of the plan; it is the outcome that you have created for your species, and it is time to set the final wheels in motion to come to the bringing of Heaven to the plains and mountains of earth. It is so simple, my dear ones! All you need do is live your life as though it is already accomplished. In your lives, see that the world in which you live is the peaceful planet that you all love so dearly. It is the secret to the ages that are surrounding you. You are powerful, and you have it within to raise the dead from their illusions and bring the love back into their hearts.

            I leave you now to the ministering that I make on this beloved planet. In my work with you in these times of trouble, I am seeing the results of the light that shines forth from all of you. Keep that light strong and sure, and see the world enraptured by the energy that results. It is a transformative light, and it comes from the God Creator within all of you. Rest in peace is not a death sentence, but an invitation to life in the newness of the earth as she is in our love.

            Blessings are coming and being bestowed to all of you. Open up your arms and receive them in gratitude and compassion.


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Nancy Tate