Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 4,2003

          This is a morning of justice and fulfillment of promises. This a day to stand up and be counted for the things that you find are important in your life. Good morning, I am St. Germain, and I am here to tell you that the choices you are making are close at hand, and there is only one thing left to do before the curtain raises, and that is to bring forward the elite, and find the dictatorship on the ground and running.

          I speak today of the governing forces of your land. I speak today of the challenges that are coming forward as you progress through this life into the darkness that surrounds you. The darkness is being lifted, and the sun has broken through on a brand new day.

          What will you do with this new sunshine? It is simple; you will allow the warming rays to fill you with the love of the Mother, and it will be a wonderful new experience that will lift you all out of the doom and gloom that you have festered in all these millennia. I tell you now it is more than just a matter of the practical side of it. It is with the deepest regard for your Spirit that this new course of action comes forward. Within a few days, you will find the effects of the coming changes take place in the hearts and the minds of all of you. There is no turning back from the momentum that is being established and the wonders that will prevail from these changes.

          Have I told you lately that there is a brand new day, and that day is of your making? You have brought to your world a whole new way of being in the world. This will begin to materialize soon after the next few days of activity. There is to be a forward movement in the fields of governing, the fields of industry, the fields, of finance, the fields of commerce, all of the fields that affect the running of the nations and the world.

          This is not some new program that has been brought to this planet from a far off place in the universe. This has been formulated from the energies of the universal knowledge that is manifest right here on earth. It fits the energies of earth, and it comes from a far greater universal energy of unity of the All. I tell you now that this is the energy of the matter state of man who is God. It represents the coming together of the concept of I Am on earth.

          My dear friends, I work with you this day for the culmination of the destiny of this fine planet in the expression of the perfection of the human existence. You and I will find our way together, and All who are here will find their place among the Masters; we have saved that place, and it is Holy, indeed. We love and cherish you, and we have prepared a table before ye. Now to feast, now to honor all that is, for it is you, and it is I, and I Am the Holy presence.

          Blessings and good will to you all.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate