Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 29,2003


           When you wake up in the morning

And you find a piece of cheese,

You wonder how it got there,

And you take a look at these

Two times of trouble plenty

And the one that was your own;

And you know that one day somewhere

That one will call you home.


            These are the words with which you live your life and drown your sorrows, for you know that there is life after life, and you know that you are in the midst of recapturing the energy in which you began this adventure on earth.

            Good morning my dear ones. I am St. Germain, and I bring you to a time of reconnoitering with the self you are familiar with. This is a time when all the parts of you that have been scattered to the wind are finding their way back to you. Sometimes you may find that the road back is filled with pitfalls and potholes, but none of them are so profound that they capture and imprison you forevermore.

            Picture a time when the ironing out of the troubles was done through a process that took days, weeks, even years. This is no longer the case; now it can be instantaneous. When you are faced with a challenge to clear, you are finding that there is almost no time between the arousal of the issue and the resolution of it. In some instances there is almost a resolution before the coming forward of the challenge. Look at the times you are in. Can you see the cases of resolution and the afterthought of, “Wow, what would have happened had this not taken place? What a Godsend!” you say. This is of what I speak.

            Take some time this day to look at the events in your life, and see how they serve you. See that there are no accidents, and that the coming times are being molded by all of you as you approach them. See that there is only one time and it is now. This is the moment that leads to the next, and without it there would be no next moment. When you go through your day, do so with awareness and dedication to its beauty. This is a fine world that you live in; it is as you have created. If it looks less than fine, then you are not looking at the wonders of the world. It is the Divine wonders that are the reality that you live; all the rest is illusion and can slip away in the blink of an eye. Which would you choose for your life, that which is real, or that which slips into nothingness?

            Take the challenges that you bring into your life, and put them under the microscope of truth. Pare the words and thoughts you surround these challenges with and see what is left. This is what you are viewing as truth. It is the feelings and bare facts of the issue, is it not? Now what does the issue present to you? This is your lesson and your solution, for it is no longer crowded by the past. It stands in its purity, and tells you of the answer you seek. You find that you had the answer, and it spells love, doesn’t it?

            Now my dears, look at the world as you see it today. Follow the same process and find the answer of love there. There is nothing that is happening in the world today that does not have at its core the energy of love. This is plain and simple, and it is God at rest. Come to rest in the simple truth of God. This is the answer to all that is before you on this day. Rest in the love that is God, and all the resolutions will present themselves to you for the troubles of the world. There is no finer scene on earth than to see all of you standing tall in gentleness, with your faces to the sun ringing in the powers of the universe in your trilling sounds of love for all that exists. We see you doing that in your finest moment of truth. We see all you angels in chorus and parade singing your beautiful message to the Heavens and beyond. It is wonderful, indeed; it is heaven on Earth.


Thank you Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate