Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 24,2003


           Once upon a time there was a nation that saw for itself what its future would be. When they tried to formulate a plan for the unity of all the states they found a brotherhood among the people that represented what was in the heart of the people, and applied it to the making of a system through which they could express the freedom they sought, and the love they felt for the earth they lived on.

            Good morning, I am St. Germain, and I come to you this day with a song of justice and a declaration of freedom that will carry forth through the coming times as a beacon to the Heavens. This is a time of love and beauty surpassing all other times in the known history of man. We in this other realm know of other times when the people of the earth lived in what you call a golden era. This is about to manifest itself in its infancy once more. These are the times that bring forth the strength of the human population, and show the universe what these ones are made of.

            When the time comes for the unveiling of the declaration that has been drawn up and signed into law, there will be a continuing revealing of the other declarations of who you are and what is waiting in the wings to be a part of your present reality. This is the wonderful coming together of the world I live in and the world you have created on this planet. The world you have created is about to change in many ways. There will be a re-emergence of the pristine beauty that was first spoken of in the Garden of Eden. This was the way of the world and this is the way it will be again. When all the people live in harmony and compassion there will be an environment that will support that which comes from the inside of each and every being on this planet. There will be not troubling times as is the case now, for there will have come the Holiness from behind the veil to stimulate and inspire each of you to your own Holiness.

            I tell you this, that all of you will be enjoying an awakening with the assistance of your family from the cosmos. This is a promise that has been declared from heaven and from all who reside there. This planet and her people are a grand experiment of the supremacy that lives in the hearts of all of Godís creations, and the experiment is about over, with the results available for all to contemplate.

            This is not some small undertaking that a group of beings decided upon for an afternoon fancy. This has been a venture that has spanned hundreds of thousands of earth years. The veil is about to be lifted, and the game will find a winner in each and every heart that is found in and on this great playground for the experience of the ages.

            When the last remaining days of the culmination of the final stand for the justice and freedom of the people comes about, the next moves will be toward the release of the people from the bondage that has been brought to them, and into which they unwittingly fell. This will cause a revelation that has been long in coming, and a greater understanding of how this all came about. Where to go from here will be prevalent in each of the hearts and minds of the ones who have awakened and seen the Light of the day. They will assist the others who have not as yet found the truth of what they are being presented, and walk with them into the land of promise that awaits the revolution of the Light.

            We here in the place I live see the Light growing stronger in so many this day, even before the coming news. We see the settling into peace that you have worked toward, and know that this will strengthen the coming events and enable the clarity to come forth for those who may tremble at the enormity of the news they receive. Some will stand in fear for a time, for the news will be so foreign as to be troubling and not trusted. This is where the strength found from the knowing and peacefulness will reign forth and support the truth and freedom that the event represents. This is your work at this time, and I speak to those who have been shown the truth of this coming. This is the work for the Light that is ringing true and harmoniously in many hearts as you await the ringing of the bells that announce the release from the suppression that has taken so many liberties from the angels who walk this planet in amnesia.

            I commend you all for these works, for those who will be assisted in the revealing are angels who bring the gift of purpose to those who see the Light at this time. It is a win-win situation I speak of, and you are all the players in this game that is coming to a close. There is another awaiting your bidding around the next bend in the road and the costumes and props will be made as you go along for it will take but an instant and it will exist in your likeliness.

            I leave you now to your day as I go and survey the measure of readiness that awaits. You are beauty beyond compare, and I salute you all to your calling. Good day to you all, and peace be with you.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Nancy Tate