Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 23,2003


           There’s a time when there is a future for the rights of man, and there’s a time when the rights of man have been usurped and given to the winds. We are seeing that the time of freedom is fast upon you, and there will be no more times when the rights of man are taken and thrown to the winds as so much confetti.

            Good morning, I am St Germain, and I welcome you to another day of fruitfulness and promise for the freedom of mankind. There are many of you who do not feel the absence of freedom for you have not fully felt what it is like to be free in the society within which you live. All you know is what you have experienced thus far in this life, and the idea of having lived other lives is beyond your perception. This is as it is in your world, for that is your belief. This may change in the times to come. You may find that there are circumstances and events that bring forward substantiation of the idea of reincarnation.

            What will happen to your world then? Will you see that you have been living in a world of limits, and therefore open the door to other possibilities? This is very likely, for once the door is open to the other side of perception, there is no turning back from the avenue that stretches from that door.

            What of you who know deep within that you have been here in this journey many times? What new feeling of freedom will you feel with the news and events that are coming? I tell you this; there will be a finer defining of the truth of who you are. You will find that there will be intuitive knowings that will flow forth from inside your beingness. In those flowings will be information that you call forth in order to bring a sense of sensibility to your lives, for the ways of spirit make ever so much sense. You will find that there is no room anymore for wishy-washy ideas of creation, and the strength of your knowing will propel you into the freedom that your knowingness will bring. You will find that you can move mountains of prejudice and streams of misconceptions. It will be as if a floodgate of knowing will have opened and the flow of water will be a nourishing collection of individual moments of clarity and love. You will find that there is no more confusion with the intuitive urges that spring forth from your perfect mind, that of the Son of God in the image of God, who is you.

            I tell you now that there is no greater picture for us on the side that you come from than to see the awakening to your truth that is taking place at this time. We see the way as beautiful and bountiful. We see that you are gaining in strength and awareness every moment. Some of the particles of the journey are a bit worrisome for a few of you; however, you are seeing that these self-imposed particles are the road you’ve chosen to come to the clarity and purity to which you aspire. This enables you to go on in the journey and come to a greater peace as you continue to find who you are in the deepest sense of the word.

            So, my dear ones, as we move even closer to the coming event which so many are waiting for, we see the emergence of the finer points of your light shine forth to meet the abundance that is coming for all of you. You will be in a place within yourself, where you will know exactly how to live in a world that is of your intention. This is the world of peace and prosperity that is coming on the wings of a dove, and the song of a prayer of forgiveness. We shine our lights and bring forth the beauty of the Christ within each and every one of you. There is no one who is lost to the Creator, and that is the truth that sets us free forever. God speed the love and the harmony that is coming to this great land, for it is the reflection of the love and harmony that lives within. Blessings are around you, and will be in your knowingness very soon.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate