Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 2,2003

          I call you all to my bosom; I call you all to my love. I call you all to the interplay of the ages. I call you all to the outplay of war. Good morning, I am St. Germain, and I am calling you to the energies of change in the casting of the play of the Almighty.

          Once on the soil of this beautiful Mother Earth there stood a giant. He vowed to slay the King and all his countrymen, should they come up against him. He held true to that promise, and one by one he slayed the men as they came before him in battle. Finally there was but the King left, and he realized that there was no kingdom of men for which he was to reign, so he stood in defeat before the giant and said unto him, I am yours in defeat, and I stand at your mercy for my life. If you would but spare me I will be your servant forevermore.

          The giant looked at the King, so small and in pain, for his pride was gone and deflated. He towered high above the crown of the King, and reached down and removed it from its position of power. Then with a far fling he sent it flying over the treetops and into the far meadow. The King reached up and felt the emptiness of his topknot; tears springing from his eyes. He knew that there was no turning back from this defeat, for there was nothing left to fight for. So he dropped to his knees and asked for the end to his life, for there was nothing left to live for, with the end to his Kingdom.

          The giant looked at the sorrowful figure beneath him and uttered in a voice soft and sweet, I am in the direst of need now, for I have no one to bully and fight. Lest there be one left who hides from my fighting, I am no longer the one to fear. I now have something to fear, and that is that I shall be alone till eternity is over, and that will not come soon enough. What am I to do, if there is no one but you, and you seek to be killed as the rest?

          The King could not believe his ears. Was this tyrant uttering the words that he himself felt in his own heart? This could not be, that this giant slayed his whole kingdom, and then wants to turn his vengeance on himself?

          I am no longer the King of this land, yet I am the noblest by far of all who stand here, the King announced. I see you standing there in victory, yet the victory is bittersweet. Why is that my venerable giant?

          The giant held his heads in the defeat that he felt. It is because I have none left who fears me. I have no one to make me feel huge and important. I am a mere slip of a man when it comes to the entire scheme of things. How can I go on and be the best that I can be, if there is no one left to spur me on?

          Then this huge voice rang down of both of the men, There is no need to worry and fret. You are your own person, and you reside in the love of the Creator. No matter what you do, you will never leave my adoration; you will always be in my heart and my Light.

          The men looked around and knew not with whom they stood. Could it be that the tales they had heard were true? Was there really a God after all? They both stood their ground and looked at one another. If this were true, then there is someone even mightier than they, and that would always be true. And giving that, there would always be a foe in their midst, for there is one mightier and more persistent. But this one who calls himself God, who is he really? Is he the one who decides all that happens? If so, then he decided to kill and slay all the men in the kingdom.

          Oh no! the giant roared. I did that, that was my doing and my choice, no one elses! The giant spun around and tried to see the face that to his estimation leered down on him. Where are you, show yourself, or I will slay you too!

          I Am where you are, and I Am where your friend here is. I Am in your battle cry, and I Am in your sorrow. I Am the hallowed ground on which you bleed your heart, and I Am the very essence of all there is, and that is the legacy I leave to you.

          Something came over the giant as he listened to these words. He seemed to crumble, and fell to the ground. He buried his face in his hands, and the tears fell streaming from his eyes. He heard more words, soft and gentle, and they came from within his heart, I Am the very essence of your love, and I Am going to be with you for always. There is nothing that you do that does not bring me along, so you might as well decide to accept and love who you are, for you are the gift I give you; and your friend here is also my gift to you and yours to yourself, in turn.

          The giant turned and cast a glance at the King who stood in a stupor, for he too was hearing the words that were whispered in his heart and in his knowing. He heard that there was no difference between the two who stood here, nor between all the men who lay at their feet in their own blood and death. Then he heard these words come forth from his heart, and echo through all of the destruction. I Am the presence of all the men at your feet, for they are with me now and they are smiling at you in love and Grace. They know now that their purpose was to bring down the illusion that there is a difference of men and God. They have served well and they continue to serve by sending you love and compassion. Look around you at the men who served you in life. Do they not have a glow that reaches and touches your heart? They are casting one long last look through their humanness, and they are whispering to you to come home to rest.

This is not a time of going to the battlefield and shedding your blood on the soil of your Mother. It is a time of being in the moment of Grace, and knowing that there is no death that can separate you from the life force of your Father, and now is the time to remember, while you are still in the illusion. This way you can go forth in the world and spread the word through your deeds and life. I am always with you and so are they in their message of peace and love. What good is battle, what does it bring to the power you suppose you have? It brings you to your knees and to the truth of all mankind. You are nothing in the illusion. It is when you find your way home to the Father within and carry that forth in this life that you know where your power is and how to live it.

          The King rose and turned to look at the giant. Now the man who had towered above him was looking at him eye to eye. Now his countenance was as his and the glow in his eyes told him that he too had heard the words that freed him. They embraced there in the field among the bodies that lay there. Then they picked up the shovel that appeared to them, and began to dig. When they did, they raised the dirt with two shovels full, then realized, there were no bodies, nor no blood spilled into the soil. Where were the men they had forsaken? Why was the battlefield strewn with beautiful flowers instead?

          This was their salvation and their love. This was the gift they received from their Creator, the gift of Grace. Suddenly all around them was a busy marketplace with vendors and shoppers alike. They recognized the people all laughing and talking merrily, the glow on their faces very much alive and jovial. These were the people who had moments ago lain at their feet, and had spoken in their hearts. This was the new land that they had hinted at. Though the words had not been spoken, they recognized the new chance at life and love on this Mother Earth. They walked forth into the land of the new opportunity for life as it was meant to be. It was grand and it was free.

          This my friends, is the promise of the ages. This is not a fairy tale, but a representation of the word of truth. Read between the lines, and see the familiarity of it, for it is your story and it is your life. It is my legacy to you this fine day, and you wear it well. I see you in the marketplace, and I know that it is grand, for it is the representation of the freedom that comes from the Grace that God bestows upon all of you.

          Go in Grace, and accept the real world as your own.


Thank you Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate