Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 18,2003


            When the sun comes over the mountain, and the rays warm the daisies in the glen, there is a coming home that is felt by the wee ones in their houses, and their hearts are filled with glee. Good morning, I am St. Germain, and I bring you a bit of the softness of the world to provide a balance for the other energy with which you associate me.

            I am used to being in the light of world affairs these days, and the way I choose to balance that is to bask in the sunny things that earth has to provide. I love the rabbits as they stir from their nests. I adore the rainbows that reach down and touch the hearts of the one who glimpses it. I immerse myself in the chatter of the birds and squirrels as they busy themselves in the early day chores. I soothe my senses as the sunset spreads itself across the sky to herald the end of another wonderful day.

            What do you do to keep yourself grounded when the meditative process you run to keeps you in the clouds? Do you stay there to ward off the encroaching world events? This is a time when the state of the world is one that not many would keep as it is. You can do something about it, and not leave your living rooms. You can bring the weight of the world to your doorstep and give it over to God. With this action, you have taken a huge step to creating your world in the image that lives within your beingness. It is a world that was envisioned by you eons ago when the world was new, and so were you. You can recapture that innocence and see it manifest itself in the world of today.

            You see, my friends, your world is but a creation of your mind. You can go out into your world and experience it as you would have it be. If you would in your mind eliminate all the darkness from the world that is out there, then you would be able to see all the beauty that is there waiting for your attention. In doing this, you support that which you love of this world, and you do not even acknowledge the other parts that have no significance for they are not of the real world, the world of beauty and love.

            This is not a denial of what is, but of what isnt. It is a way to have peace in your world, and thus spread that peace out into the world to be met by more of the same. In so doing, you spread the reaches of the peace, and anything that is not of the same vibration becomes a part of the unknown, therefore nothing.

            When a bully approaches a kid on the playground and threatens to beat him up, what would be the strongest course of action for that kid. If he walks away, refusing to take part in the bullying, there is no power left for the bully to grab onto. If the bully still persists and runs after him fist in the air, then the kid turns and says strongly and with authority, I will not let you, then I guarantee you the bully will retreat and the kid can walk on and not be bothered anymore. The secret is in the authority the kid uses and lives with. There is nothing more powerful. It is not a threatening power, but a power of strength that leaves no question as to the stature of the one who uses it. This can be used in a position of love and beauty as well, for it is purity of power, with no judgment of itself. This is the power that comes from knowing oneself, and living that knowledge.

            In the days that come, there will be opportunity to live that power for everyone on the planet. There has always been that opportunity; we deal now with today and the days to come. What is past is no longer relevant except to see the difference in which you live your lives now. When you stand up with the authority that is your power now, you live your life to the grandest, and it is more effortless than ever before. It is the means by which you take control of your lives and you use the God given authority that you were born with. find the gentleness in your hearts as you go about your days, and realize that in that gentleness reigns the strength of the ages, and the ability to do anything that you intend. There is no weakness in the gentle life lived in the strength of the power fully recognized.

            I leave you now to your day and the love that lives in every nuance of the moment. It is a grand new world out there, and to go into it with the innocence of the child living his innermost authority is to step into the ray of sunshine and feel its warmth saturate every cell and guide you forward in the strength of the Creator. I love your vim and vigor, and I salute your power of gentle compassion for the wee ones.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate