Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 15,2003


             It is a good morning that blows through the columbine. It is a morning for reflecting on the merits of the common good of man, and the auspices of the government that is continuing to reign throughout the land. I am St. Germain, and I am telling you that there is a coming time when there will be a lesson contained in the history books that on this day that the world stood still and listened while the governing bodies of the world were turned upside down.

            On this morn, I see that there are changes that are about to happen that will bring the energies of war and disdain for the people of the world to a standstill, and then the wheels will start to turn in another direction for the bringing to power of the sovereignty of the people. The dreams that were expressed in years past will begin to come to the front, and the wishes and intentions of the people will be played out in the governing of the land.

            First I wish to tell you of the crimes that have been perpetrated against mankind; and then I want to tell you of the destiny that those crimes have brought to the people of the land. In the ways of the world there are crimes that speak of the usurption of power by force, and by the undermining of the peoplesí desires for their lives. When a governing body represents themselves as being for the people and of the people, and then in their hidden ways delivers a hand that represents their hidden agendas of greed and coercion, then they are, according to the laws of the land, committing crimes of treason and tyranny against the people.

            However, when in the energy of the destiny of a species there are these kinds of actions, it is all to be considered as part of a long-standing playout of energies of learning and triumph of light over dark. There was once a time when the species on this earth were aware of who they are in their innermost being. Then decisions were made to change that, and find a way to the expression of the energies of the extremes of life in the pursuit of the knowledge of oneself.

            The lesson learned has been of immense interest to the ones who are monitoring this playout. It is an expression of the ultimate duality in progress, and the usurption of power that can be delivered in the shadows of the life that is created. There is no greater lesson in life than to go to the other extreme of the origin of the inner beingness. That is a journey that is open and about to be revealed to the people. In this journey, there has been a swing to the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, so far that the players have lost all site of the original plan. They have created their world from that other end, and they are no longer interested in the origin of their journey, or the auspices of the Light of that journey. They are lost in a cloud of density and forgetfulness that threatens to annialate their very beingness, and everyone they touch.

            This is where Grace comes in. This is where the Creator steps in a reaches out with the hand of Mercy and Grace, and extends a promise of love and compassion, so that the energies of entrapment can be released, and the purity of the Light can shine in their hearts once more. These people will not be forced into anything, but they will be removed from their places of power over the people, and they will be given the opportunity to remember who they really are, and their original purpose in this life on earth.

            Now is the time for the compassion of the ages. This is the time when the sun of abundance will shine on all of the people on earth, and their original power will be regained so that they may be able to see themselves as they really are. Soon there will be a standing up of the guard of Heaven, and the merits of this day will bring forward the tones of freedom and abundance that have for so long been promised by certain parties. We will see the promises unfold and bring sovereignty back to the people; and the way will be clear for the expression of the Divinity to play itself out in the resurrection of the Holiness of all.

            I ask you to look for, on this day, the news that a whole new way of governing will soon be in place, and the people of the world will be regaining their strength of purpose. We will see the light shine forth, and the tears that are shed will fertilize the New Jerusalem. I join with Sananda, Kryon and the rest of the Collective in bringing you this message of changes and compassion that are about to take place. Remember your sovereignty, and feel it start to surge forward in the next few weeks and months, for it is the time for the lifting of the curtain on this act of the play of the ages.

            We shower blessings upon you and grant you your divinity which you place in our hands in your amnesia. Salu! And so it is.


Thank you dear St. Germain, Sananda, Kryon, and the Collective

Nancy Tate