Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 8,2003

           Good morning my friends! I am Sananda, and I bring you a message of faith and hope for the whole community of people within the governing of the land, and of the people.

          This is the time when the surrounding areas of greed and insolence become transformed to that of the overturning of the tyranny by the people themselves. This brings a feeling of power and rightness back to the hearts of those who have been in bondage. There is no power to being used and manipulated beyond the constraints of the situation in which the laws are laid down. There is no further use for the tactics that have been employed, for there is now a revealing of all of the factors that have kept the people in bondage for all these centuries.

          I tell you this; that there is coming a form of governing that is equitable and just for the people, and you will have to assure that it stays in place. You are the power behind the premise of freedom, you with your abilities to enlist that part of you that is God. You are the ones who are responsible for your own supremacy, and that works hand in hand with the Godself, for it is not a separate entity I speak of here, but the unity of all parts of you that you have created in your illusory state.

          There is a dynamic set up within the jurisdiction of the states of the land. That is the coming together of all the segments of society to form a governing body that represents the people of the land. This is formed by you, my friends, and if you where to look at the way your land has been run, you would see the reflection of the way you as a people have allowed the world to become, to a point. That is the point at which you lift the mirror to your awareness, and discover that there has been a breakdown of the communication, and therefore the resulting effect is the runaway governing that you see in the mirror.

          You have seen that, and you have turned around and faced the tyrants. You have found your true reflection, and seen the glow that emanates from it. Within that seeing you have found your true power, and you are using it to bring back a semblance of the sovereignty that is yours. Keep that sense of propriety present in your daily administrations, my friends. Allow it to be up front in everything that you do, for it is the leading force in achieving the lasting turn around of the governing of the land, and of your own personal life. This is the force that assists you to bring back and live on a moment-to-moment basis the joy and peace that is the moving force to the manifestation of the intentional creation of that which you desire for your lives.

          I leave you now with a thought for the day. To gather moss upon a rolling rock, is to gather your troubles and fling them to the sea. Neither one can happen without your express intent and dedication. And that is fueled by your unity with The Creator.

          Blessings, and salu.


Thank you dear Sananda,

Nancy Tate