Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 30,2003


            On an April morning in the Far East there lived a family that came to the Wailing Wall every day at sunrise. This was the ritual that followed for the duration of the time in which their son was taken from them. At the Wall they cried tears of pity for the young man, and they tried to recall his face as though it were right there in front of him. Alas, the face faded from memory, for they had no pictures that they could gaze upon.

            One day there came a farmer from the fields in the village where they lived. He approached the family and allowed that they were in grievance because they were feeling guilty because they too had not died as their son had. This caused the family to become angry and spiteful toward the farmer. They knew that he had also lost a son, and that he went about his life as though it did not bother him. They felt that he was not honoring the memory of his son by ignoring the sacrifice that the boy had made for his country.

            One day the farmer came to the home of the family. He knocked on the door and presented himself to the father. I am going to tell you of the time it has been since my Emmanuel went back home to his Maker. It is a tale of the love that he has for the Lord our God and for the time he had here in this family on earth. He was a studious child, and he loved his family. He never complained and he always had a gentle smile and a willing way. When he went to war for his country, he knew that he might not return to the fields and work alongside his father. But he knew also that the other choice would be to stand alongside his Father in Heaven. So he went and he fought valiantly. He stood with your son on the battlefield and they both charged forward in sacrifice and bravery because that was their purpose for being there.

            When the bullet took your son, he cried out to be in the arms of his mother. He knew that he would be fine if he could just feel the touch of the earth beneath his back. So my Emmanuel lifted his friend’s shirt and allowed the earth to comfort his back. Your son told him that he was going to make a fine son in heaven and that his mother earth was sending him off in grand style. He also said that you, his family would try to understand why he had to go, and that he would give them one more time of his life to show him that he was in joy. He wanted you to know that he went to war willingly; that he had come to this world to help all of you to find the peace in what is. He came to you that day, and held each of your hands and whispered to please not grieve him for too long, for he is happy and he is with his Father in Heaven.

            The man of the family could not believe his ears. This was too much to bear, that his son came to another, rather than to him when he died. How can this be, it just added to his grief?

 But the farmer said in a tone soft and gentle, “My dear friend, your son came to you first, you just did not hear him for you were too steeped in your grief. He came and stood beside you and told you to love and be happy, for he was in Heaven and by his Father’s side. You could not respond, for you could not hear. He tried with each of his family, but they could not hear as well. It is not too late, my friends, for he is here right now, if you will listen. He has words for you and they are words that can release you from your trial and your guilt.”

            “How can he be here? He has been gone for too long!” admonished the man. “We have been mourning him for these years and he is gone from our remembrance of his face. That is even worse, for his face was dearly beloved.”

            “His face was but the example of his earth time. It is of no real consequence. My son came to me upon his passing, and he had no face then, as it was not the part of him I loved. You see I saw his soul and I saw his love for me. He came and he told me of your son’s battle and his passing. He told me that he had gone too, to be at your son’s side when he visited you. He had seen the grief that kept you blind and deaf to your son’s whispers. If you can release your sorrow and step out here into the light of a new day, then you will be able to see the face of your son and hear his gentle voice in the morning dew.”

            The man stepped forward and gazed at the sky.

            “You’ll not find him there this time. If you look deep within you’ll see him in your mind. You’ll feel him in your heart, and then you’ll see him at your side. He will comfort you and bring you a great deal of pleasure. He’ll tell you of his love and his release from the bonds of earth. And he’ll tell you that you needn’t hold on to your grief in order to know him again.”

            The man called to his family and told them to come and welcome their son to their love. He told them what the farmer had shared and asked them to stand with him to welcome their son back home. They stood, a united front and asked for the son to return. They closed their eyes and opened their hearts. Then they cried as the tears washed away the guilt that they used to block the reward of Heaven. As their son appeared in their minds and their hearts, they saw his face once again. They heard the whisper of his voice in their hearts and he told them he was at peace. He told them that life on the other side was beautiful and joyful. He worked in the fields and he worked in the mounds of desert that he had so loved when on earth. He joyfully awaited their call to him, so that he could tell them of his release from the bonds he had used to keep him from living heaven while on earth. He said that they could start to live heaven on earth right now, as their friend has. He said that they could find the joy and the peace that he lives in now and forevermore. He told them that this was the time on earth when the people were being called to live Heaven on Earth and be the angels they are. When he was done talking with them, he planted a kiss of Light on each one’s forehead, and they fell on their knees in one long, last wail. At the end of the wail their voices rose in harmonic beauty in a song so pure, so light that it rang through the meadows, and reverberated off the hills and echoed through the valleys, to finally rest in the hearts of the family.

            This is your story, and this is your tale of love and beauty and release. It is time to bring the soldiers home and allow them to rest in joy in your hearts, for they are at peace with their world and with you, and they are at peace with their Creator. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams, and we are here to tell you this for we are all the Sons of God and we are in His arms. I am Sananda, and I welcome all of the soldiers home to the earth, or into Heaven.


Thank you my dear brother Sananda,

Nancy Tate