Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 14,2003


           Good morning, I am Lotar, and I bring you news on an academic level. This is news that you can take home to Mother, for it is news that accommodates the entire family of man. It is news that, on a celestial level, means the coming of age of the entire galaxy and its inhabitants.

            Once when the universe was young there was a nebula that contained the entirety of this solar system. It became the absence of the rest of the galaxy just by the idea that it could. This idea was a thought that was created by the energy of absolution in its creation state. Once the thought came into being, it created itself within the potential that identified itself in the nucleus. This was the start of our solar system, in the energy of the Mother.

            There was intent to be its own representation of itself in the state of being that took its direction and instruction from the Mother. It is, as we would consider, an offspring, and therefore, has all the inner characteristics of the parent, expressing itself in the outer as a separate individual. Its knowing was that of a part of the Mother, while at the same time an evolving portion of the original.

            Now, an offspring has within its energies an intent to become itself in order to bring more of itself to the inner knowing of not only itself, but of the parent. In doing so, it increases its experience and brings a vastness to the expression that was not yet identified as different. In this way, there is a new energy expression that though still made up of the same particles of light, are expressing in a different manner. These particles form a ring of energy that bring about a seismic “voice” of particles of sound that combine to form a matter state. This is the beginning of the planets and the various other bodies of the solar system. They do not as yet know what their eventual expression will be, for they do not understand the concept of eventuality. All is the present moment and the potential for the furtherance of the now.

            Through the relativity of one to another, there is further expression made, and the outcome is a changing of the whole. There is a desire, or intent for an expression of difference within the particles, and so the system continues to evolve and build in a furtherance of itself, all the time building on the former expression to a more sophisticated form of itself. This is the progression that has taken place since time began. The time of the system is the time that is created by the process.

            Does this sound like life on earth? Does this give you an idea about the oneness of all there is? Within the educational structure that has been set up on earth, there is an omission of the basic facts of life, and this is the premise on which the educational system will be transformed in the time to come. Not only will the basic physics and math of this be taught, but how it applies to every expression of life, and the avenues that flow out from that original premise. You will be shown that the original state of the universe is as the original state of all life, that there is no difference in the system, except for the individual expression of that system’s parts.

            Soon there will be an awakening taking place that will be evident to all of you, rather than just the small, though growing number of people who are aware of the reality of existence. Because of the nature of the universal energy, there will be a chain reaction once the level of awareness of this truth reaches what you have called critical mass. This is the point at which the light switch is turned back on, and the level of awareness is total and complete.

            Oh, there will be those who, even though the light is on and they can “see” the truth, their comprehension will not be clear. That is where the lightworkers job really begins. There will be a great area of teaching that will be utilized in bringing clarity to the very things that are before them in their thoughts and their experiences. Some will be confused for a time, until certain energies are cleared and the relativity of certain concepts are explained. It is a whole new way of education that will be utilized, for the concepts of earth duality will be laid aside, and the truth of oneness will be understood and lived once again.

            I leave you to this premise at this time, and invite you to explore the feelings that this report arises. Within those feelings could lay the key to unlock still another bit of the remembrance of who you are. When you find those keys lying on your doorstep, they can lead you to the doors that will reveal another part of your life that has been in the shadows. It can spring forward into the light, and give you another key to unlock another door. That is the chain of life, a never-ending succession of lights coming on, and songs sung in the remembrance of the concert that propels you through the wholeness of existence.

            I love you all very much, and I rejoice everytime I see another light spring forth and greet us here on Jupiter. It is a grand assembly that is being planned for the return of the prodigals, and it is a fine reunion that will happen. Have a grand day, and many more! Till we converse once more, I bid you adieu.


Thank you brother Lotar,

Nancy Tate