Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 1,2003

          Wake up my friends! It is time to look out your window and see the sunshine in your eyes. It is time to go for a walk in the early morning mist. It is time to look at your life and see the perfection that may lay hidden, and bring it out into the sunlight. For you are the Creator of your life, and you took lessons from the Master!

          Good morning, I am Lotar, and I am here to tell you that there is a great deal of joy in learning ones craft, and sticking with it to the manifestation of your dreams. Here on Jupiter, we love to create in the image of our Master. We bring to our waking the absolute wonder of the best there is. There is no room, nor no need for less that perfect, for there is no such thing. When we use our skills and our innate wisdom to create something, it is done with flair and absolution. We see that whatever comes from the creation is perfect. We have no expectations from the beginning therefore, whatever results from our creating is the prize of the hour.

          We do things differently here, than you on earth, in this respect. When we have an idea to create, or an urge, we do so with an air of innocence to the outcome. To us, the beauty is in the production, rather than the product. Not to say the product isnt relevant, it is just not the element of importance that you earthlings hold.

          This keeps us in a state of perpetual bliss, for there is no disappointment, only a sense of excited anticipation. There is an energy of potential with which we work, and a set of circumstances that requires an absolvement. We create within that energy, with the knowledge that the result will fit the situation. It is an exciting and rewarding experience, as well as being an expression of our unitedness with our Creator. There is this meshing that takes place, and it is always glorious.

          This is something that is within the realm of possibility for you on earth. The time is coming when this will be the way of creation for you. Indeed, it is already starting to a degree with your ability to manifest things in your life that you desire. When you ask for a situation to reveal its outcome, you ask for a specific, and due to your limited vision you receive the best that your limited ideas can manifest. I suggest that you adopt the method we do; allow the situation to play itself out in the energy of the Creator, with you being the tool that brings the energy forward in manifestation.

          When you present your situation to the Creator, state as succinctly as you can the aspects of that situation, and your intent for it to be resolved in the most equitable way possible. Do this with joy and gratitude, for it is already manifest in the energy of potential. Then watch for, and listen to the signs that will come forward. It is as if there is a roadmap, and you are shown parts of it at a time. You will follow the steps as they are mapped, and you will do so in the innocence of a child. Make it an adventure, a delightful playtime to revel in, with joy and peacefulness.

          This is the way of manifestation on Jupiter, and it is becoming the way on earth. There are many who are following that roadmap, for they have seen the results, and recognize them as perfect. Everytime you adopt and weave into your way of being an idea such as this, you bring yourself closer to the innocence of creation within the energies of the God Creator, the energy in which you were created. Consider this when you think of the joy of manifestation. Think of the way that God used his abilities to create you. It was Divine will and intent at its best.

          So, my friends and neighbors, go out into your day, and put this idea to work for you. There is infinite possibility, and you can tap into that at any moment, then watch the results melt into manifestation at your feet. I wish for you joy and the innocence of life in manifestation.  Blessings are waiting for you to claim them.


Thank you my friend Lotar,

Nancy Tate