Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 7,2003

          This is a fine morning to go to the ends of the earth and back. It is a morning of reflection and good will to all of man, and to the animals that inhabit this planet as well. This is a morning of splendor and a mighty justice being born to serve the people in their everyday lives. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee that brings you all to the sense of purpose through which you propel yourselves through this life.

          I am the representative of the Galactic Federation, and I bring you some news of the galaxy in its own interpretation of the way of the Holy Presence here on earth. We, through our auspices of the mighty in this galaxy, bring to the various planets the overlord of the whole universe in the smooth operation of the systems in which we carry on our purpose and the efficiency of that cause.

          When there are warring factions in any of the various areas that we patrol, we are bound by our oaths to intervene when there is evidence that there could be total annialation of the species, or if it could mean destruction to the planet. This we will not allow in most cases, for there has been agreement throughout the galaxy that there is to be a total reconstruction within the Heavenly order of the galaxy. This is the case here on earth, and we will not allow you to destroy your planet and the innocent life that lives and supports the ecosystem of the planet. When you make war and bring out all the defenses that have been produced in the name of progress, you do so without the memory of the entirety of your calling. This allows us to intervene and cease the activities that would threaten the actions you take to destroy one another and the planet as well.

          We are a peace loving peoples, and we see that the game you are playing is covering that peace for so many of you. This is soon to come to and end, and the wars will be but a faint memory in the times that will reign as a peaceful, loving planet. You will be coming to a place in your environment when the prime purpose of life on earth will be to support and uphold the Holy infrastructure of the planet and yourselves. This is the place of Holy Union for you, and it will bespeak itself in its fullness, once you have gone beyond the final stage of this game that you entered into so many eons ago. It is a beautiful thing that we see, as we look into the future that you are going to create. We do not see that details, for they are still in the potential stage, however what we do see is the glow of the energy that has already been projected from the intent of so many on your planet at this time.

          We in the Federation are setting the stage for the interplanetary board of governance that will exist when this time comes. We are looking forward to the reunion that will take place, and the interest that will come forward from you in the governance of the galaxy; for yes, you will be taking your place in the Holy Alliance that is in place for this most auspicious of occasions that will herald the coming together of the perfection of the plan for the galaxy’s place in Heaven.

Now my dear ones, we tell you of one final point we wish to make before we take our leave today. This is that there is no greater promise that you make to yourselves than to take care of your planet and bring the warring to an equitable end. This is to be accomplished within each and every one of you, and spread out into the grid that is The Everything. In this way there will be a coming together of all the minds that represent the will of the people, and the intent to live in peace and harmony for the rest of eternity.

This skirmish that takes place is but a measure of the negative energy that is being cast off by so many on your planet these days. It is the expression of the holographic image that is being dispelled and disassembled on the battlefields in ways that many would not comprehend. There is more going on, on those sites than would meet the average eye. There are many miracles of joining that come forward in the dismemberment and insane seeming signs of disloyalty and departure from projected origins of ease. Things are not as they seem, for the most part over there. There is Heaven marching on those battle places, and the saga that takes place is in many cases merely an image of what used to be. It is not real, even in the way that is perceived today. Once this stage is over, there will be a revealing of still more of the holographic image that must be expelled before the new image comes into place. This is the way of the Heavenly order of this game, and you have done an exemplary job of it.

It is time to let go of the old, and allow the new to work its way to the front and be expressed in its glory. This is the threshold of Heaven on Earth, and it is a grand one at that. We sit in our places here in the Heavens, and we watch with the love that is grand and explosive. When I say explosive, I refer to the degree of intensity to create the kind of life that expresses the love of the Creator. It’s the explosion of the love expressed in the stars of fiery light and intense compassion for your fellow being. There is no greater love than the love of the Creator, and that is expressed in all that takes place in existence.

We take our leave now, and send beautiful blessings to shower all around you. Trip through the day on beautiful music, and create in a beautiful garden of song and flowers.



Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Nancy Tate