Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 3,2003

          Good morning my friends, I am going to tell you of an instance when the world was round and flat at the same time. I am Diaclosities, and I am wriggling in a sea of splendor and make believe.

          Long ago in the annals of the time of early man there was a group of scientists who studied the wherefores of several species of animals. These were animals that procreated through their sense of smell. When the time came to mate they gathered together to perform the ritual that would serve to procreate through the nostrils. This male life force was breathed in and deposited in the place within where the female life force was cradled. When the gestation period was over, the birth occurred in the same area as is usual.

          This caused a great deal of inquisitiveness within the scientific world. Many of the theories born from this knowledge were of an extraterrestrial origin of the species. There was a reason behind this, and that is that then there was general knowledge within the scientific community that there had been extraterrestrial interaction with earth. All that has been covered up and forgotten, till recently, that is.

          Within the present scientific community there is growing evidence, therefore belief in the presence not only now, but throughout time, of extraterrestrial involvement with earth. This is a piece of information that certain parties have been suppressing for quite some time. Soon, this will change, and the general public will not only be told about it, but will then begin to remember different contacts that they have had with visitors from off planet.

          The aforementioned incident of study was only one in a whole series that has been catalogued and stored in various places around the globe. When the time comes for the revealing of the information, there will be a mass exodus of information from these hiding places. It will change the way you live and operate on this planet forever. No longer will the mysteries of the cosmos plague the human spirit, but the memories that have long lain dormant will come streaming forth from the relativity that the human brain will have to the information.

          This is one of the reasons that the visitors from your cosmic neighborhood are coming and infiltrating the globe. They are here to assist in the opening that will take place in the near future. We here in this realm have seen the results of this change, and you would be absolutely astounded by what you are about to be re-discovering. All of these types of things that are about to happen, indeed have started to happen in small ways, will start to awaken your memories of who you are, and fill in the blanks succinctly and with promise for the future that you’ll know will be yours.

          When this begins to happen, there will still be those factions on the earth that will attempt to throw a monkey wrench into the project of bringing these things into the open, however, their attempts will be thwarted and put down as merely interference in the natural progression of life on earth in an awakened state. Once you have begun to tap into the true nature of things, there will be no backing down from the insatiable appetite for further knowledge of truth.

          Watch for the signs; in all likelihood, the biggest change will come through the free energy devices to begin with. Those things that bear the most credibility to the concepts that are present within the perceptions of man will be the first to be accepted, then as your perceptions are stretched to include the unknown , there will be further unheard of knowledge and verification of that knowledge. After a time, there will be coming forward certain instances of knowing without needing outside verification. There will be a recognition with a total knowing from inside. That is when the excitement in this realm grows, for we see that is a close step to the eventual melding of all the realms you aspire to into this one, for so many of you.

          This is a pivotal time in your history, for it is a time of opening to the true nature of yourselves. It is a time we see of beauty and promise to the direct involvement of all that is. We look forward to the time when we are more than just a faint dream that you sometimes have that gives you something to aspire to. We will live the dream with you, and go on to loftier dreams. That will be our way of evolvement, for our growth depends on the growth you make. We are the product of your growth, and when we see your progress in this world, we see the promise that you give us through yourselves. And it is grand, my friends, for you are grand!

          I leave you now to your day, which is steeped in promise for a whole new world.


Thank you my friend, Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate