Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 28,2003


           Good morning, my friends, I am Diaclosities and I would like to tell you of an incident that happened while you were away over the weekend. There is a great deal of energy that is coming about as a result of this happening, and I am telling you that there will be a repercussion because of it.

            In the world of political upheaval there has been a coup that has taken place. This coup is one of minor significance in and of itself, however, the magnitude that it will produce for the world is significant indeed. There was an upturning of events in a corner of the Dominican Republic, and in this event lies the hatred that is felt by certain parties for those who would see them impeached and rousted out of office for good. Within this happening lies the energy for the rest of the world’s political fray.

            I am not usually the one to report and speak of such things, however there is a continuing establishment of activities that is taking place in other parts of the world that focus’s on one area of interest; therefore I have stepped forward to report this incident. As I stated before, this holds a significant energy of the potential for the rest of the world.

            When there is a rising of power among the elite of a people, there is always someone who will try to usurp that power. This has been the case since time began. When the ones who convince the people that theirs is the better way to be governed, then the trust is set up for the truthfulness of governance, and the influence of the people is felt by those who govern. This has been the backdrop by which some of the governing bodies have managed to gain a foothold, and eventually strong-arm the people into submission through fear.

            I say this to you, that there is no greater power than to see a peoples turn into themselves and find the strength that lives there in order to take back their power from those who have taken it from them. In losing touch with their own responsibility to their lives, they have the people slowly give their power over to the ones who promise to take care of the matters at hand. These are the leaders whom the people have chosen to represent their interests, after all, so why wouldn’t they have their best interests at heart?

            This is where the people loose their hold on their own lives. This has happened gradually, and with the cunning of the leaders who understand the ways of nature, and have molded their own agenda around that knowledge. This is why it is imperative that you understand how this works, so that you can take back your power, and create your world in the image that you would have in Paradise.

            When a peoples put their lives in the hands of a group that is set up to serve them in the running of the government, they do so from the standpoint of trusting in the leader of their supremacy to have their best interests at heart. This represents that they look upon this group as being in the image of God. God is the ultimate overseer of their trust. This is not necessarily a conscious acknowledgement of trust, but one of subconsciousness. It is showing that they do not trust their own authority, and must give it to another that they have placed in their stead.  

            I am suggesting to you now that it is time to take back your own authority and exercise the responsibility you have for your lives, and share that responsibility with the others who stand in determination to create a world that works for all of you. You can do this within the framework of electing a governing body that will represent your interests. You can still be the overseers of that trust, and keep an active voice in the running of the government. There is no pleasure in a person’s life but that is backed by the authority in which he creates that pleasure. This is the kind of knowledge by which our realm has been created. We in this realm have realized our authority, and have known that it is the reflection of the God within. We have given ourselves to that authority, and have remained strong and sure in our responsibility to ourselves, and our loved ones.

            So, I say to you now, take a hint from this little corner on your globe and see the dynamic by which you can create a life for yourselves by taking back your authority, and using the responsibility that is your inherent right to create the kind of life in which you intend to live with your fellow man. It is a mutually satisfying world that can be created, and it is within your power to take your lives back in peace and compassion. This is the way in which your lives can be filled with the love and joy that shines forth from your beingness. It is the love that moves mountains and redirects rivers of passion into the semblance of nourishment that God intended.

            I leave you this morn with these thoughts to ponder and find your truth in. You are powerful beings, and you know that the way to the Light is from within. That is where the trueness of your being lives; and that is where the manifestation of your beauty begins. Go in blessed Holiness.


Thank you dear Brother Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate