Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 25,2003


           Itís a wonderful day to count your blessings, and itís a wonderful day to know who you are and why youíre here. Good morning, I am Diaclosities, and I wish to speak with you of the wonders of the universe that is within your own field of dreams.

            This is a time of gathering bounty to the throne. I am going to let you know that there is plenty of bounty out there, and you are about to be gathering some of it to your lives and your abundance issues. When the prosperity comes to your doorstep you will gather it in and then ask yourself, ďWhat will I do with this new abundance? Shall I spend it on lots of toys, or shall I use it to help the world become a better place?Ē

            I make a proposal to you. Consider that they are one and the same. Suppose that the toys you buy are the toys that make you feel happy and free. Are you really happy, or are you escaping into a fairyland of fun for a short time before you return to the real world? When you make decisions to do things and go places to give yourself pleasure, is it not a return to the real world that you once lived? I speak of the world where life was all about play and fun and ease in living. That is the real world, and you can live it in this one just by recognizing that the way to pure joy and contentment is through the energy of fun and play. I do not speak of the play that has to involve all the expensive toys that you can buy. These are just means by which you can carry out the fun and innocence that you already have in your life. When your life is made up of that kind of energy, then whatever you do is bringing you contentment and joy.

            I was once a warrior on earth who felt that to be fierce and enjoy life meant that I must always be serious and strong. I thought that to serve life and my God I must keep a generous heart and walk this world in patience and sacrifice. So I did that, but I wasnít content. I lived just outside the world of fun and pleasure, for I had to continually find moments in which to enjoy myself to counteract the seriousness by which I lived. One day, I used the authority of my strength, and I defeated a supposed enemy. When I appeared before my contender, he announced that I was to report to the commander and receive my next assignment. There was no praise, nor no thanks for a job well done. Where was the merit in what I had done? Why was I not proud of the deed I had perpetrated in the name of my duty? I felt completely alone, and in search of a purpose.

            In the next days I searched and I avoided the commander. I could not position myself in a place that brought me no purpose and joy of a job well done. What had I done after all, but take the life of one of the people who shared this earth with me? I was forced to look at my life, as I hid from the authority whom I had served. Where was my authority now, and where had it ever been? Was I to go on in this life living someone elseís authority, and never finding my own? No wonder the snippets of joy I found never left me happy or content. I did not live my life in that joy, but captured bits of it and tried to make them something they were not. I had it backward, and I didnít even see that.

            So I decided to change my life. This was a huge planet, and I knew that I could hide from the commander and never have to face him again. I would go far away and find my place in this world where I could live in peace and contentment. I would be free of the tyranny that beset me, and I would die a happy man. This might have worked had I not been in hiding. In running from my plight, which by the way I had chosen, I only put off the authority with which I could live my life. I was still under the influence of another. They eventually caught up with me, and brought me back to face their authority.

            I survived that day, my friends, and I spent the rest of my life in their prison. I lay in my cell till the age of ninety-one, and then one day I had a revelation. I could be content right where I am. I had asked God to bring me peace and contentment. What I finally realized was that he had brought it to me the day I was born. I just hadnít reached out and grabbed it. If I had claimed my contentment, my life would have been so much different. So, for the next two years in my cell I was content and at peace. My life became rich beyond compare. Before, I had been in rags; and the food that they brought me was meager and tasteless. The other inmates spent their time avoiding me, or prodding me to disruption.

Now, at ninety-one, I was a changed man. I began to express my newfound joy, and play at life. I welcomed the rags and tasteless food, and the jibes from the inmates. Soon I was given new clothing. The food that was brought was bountiful and delicious. The inmates gathered round me and shared their stories with me. They laughed with me and united with me against the tyranny that had kept us captive. Oh, we didnít rebel against the imprisonment; we embraced it. We released the idea that it was anyone elseís decision to keep us there. We decided to stay and have a good time with each other. Some of the inmates held out for their victimization for a while longer than others, but eventually they too came around. They could not hold out against the pure nature of their souls. When I left that cell two years later, I left a happy, peaceful man, purely content with my life and the riches it gave me. I was buried in finery and splendor, and all the families of the inmates gathered to send me off with a celebration for my joy.

            I tell you this, that there is no greater joy than to discover the freedom of being who you are in the confines of anywhere you choose to be. Once you have seen that there are no confines when it comes to your true self, then the world opens up to you, and you experience the joy of just being who you are. There is nothing else that can bring that to you, for you already have it. All you need do is claim it and live it to itís fullest. All the rest is just window dressing, and not necessary for contentment at all.

            Ainít life grand, and ainít love wonderful! Love yourself and where you are right now, and you will find the joy and contentment that gives you everlasting life. Go in playfulness and joy; be in peace.



Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate