Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 22,2003


           There is a time when it is appropriate to sing a song of love, and there is a time when it is appropriate to sing a song of lasting joy. That is all of the time, for there is only one time, and it is now, this moment. Good morning I am Diaclosities, and I come to you through the energies of the everlasting peace of the moment.

            When you find a time of peace you can suspend that time and know that it is forever. You can go to the end of the rainbow and discover the pot of gold, knowing that it is in your heart and in your soul. All you need do is find the strength to claim it and walk in its Light.

            There is an old proverb that speaks of the lustiness of the forgotten word. It speaks of the coming together of the sights and sounds of the previous incarnation, and the wherewithal of the totality of the cause. Within that proverb lies the awareness that there is no greater knowing than that of the moment, for that is where the purity of the existence is.

            I once came upon a brother who spoke of the word that he perceived to be the word of God. Within this word were the indications that God was to be feared and revered all at the same time. This set up a dichotomy by which all of mankind has lived for so long. That is changing, for now we see that there is nothing to fear with God, that the fear is of our own making in our forgetfulness.

            I tell you now that there is nothing more Holy than the word that you use in praise of God, or of yourself in the image of God. Find that stillness that lives within, and know that in that stillness lies the potential for the greatness that waits to be expressed. We live that greatness in our realm, and this is the realm in which you deposit all your grandest dreams, therefore you see the potential that you create, and may live at any moment.

            I leave you now, and see you in your perfection going through the moments of your day in love and creation. You are the Holy word, and you are the Sons of God.


Thank you dear brother Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate