Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 10,2003

          It is a morning for a wonderful adventure, so letís get started. It is going to be a beautiful day, and there is much to do and much to see along the way. Hello, I am Diaclosities, and I want to share something with you. This is the estimable conditioning of the soul when the defenses are down.

          There is no greater call to action than the innocence in which an idea is formed. When you have an idea, it is at first exciting and challenging to form it, and see it grow in itís potential. Shall we see what we can come up with from one single idea? It is a fine way to spur yourself forward in a dayís activities, and come to the end with a sense of purpose and satisfaction in the doing.

          The idea for the day is to move into the limelight with a course set for the ultimate journey through your town. First you venture out of your house, and walk down the street where you live. There are people out in their yards watering their lawns, or weeding the flower gardens lining the fence. Saunter up to the neighbor and greet them with a smile and a kind word. This is the start of the beautiful day, and the opening for a transformative exchange that can either change the relationship, or open a new one.

          This smile is the trigger that evokes a response. It is the catalyst from which the inner workings of the moment can breed either a warming of the heart, or a defensiveness that reflects a past grievance with life. You have the power in this situation to change the history of this person, and your own. Though a small degree of change is represented here, it is a giant representation of a world opportunity for change.

          Take the same principle that is employed with the neighbor, and apply it to the neighbors on the other side of the globe. Does this not create a tiny spark of hope that there will be an opening for a peaceful journey? This is the energy that moves mountains; it is the energy that creates bonds that are lasting and pure. All it takes is the sincerity that springs from a pure heart and a simple smile of love and sharing. How can there be anything but peace when a moment such as this is created. Realize that I did not take you beyond that first moment of relating. That is the moment of creation. Stop the moment at that second and see the perfection. Now create another in the image of that perfection. What happens is that the defensiveness melts away in the energy of relating, for the pure energy of the moment remains as the first, a simple pure exchange born from love of oneís fellow man.

          This is the energy in which a lifetime can be born, when the moments are kept pure. There are so many ways in which this purity can be expressed; it is endless. It is when the impurity of fear is brought into the moment that the energy is changed, and the perfection takes on a different feel. How does it feel to be in the purity of the love of the moment? Now how does it feel to bring into that moment fear of some kind? Jarring, is the word I get from you. It is an interruption of the flow of the moment of love.

          Now, I remind you that there is new opportunity to bring back the perfection of purity in the next moment. It is right there for you to experience and create the perfection of the purity of love. It is all-forgiving, for each moment is born anew in its perfection. This is the promise that Spirit gives us. This is the plan for the coming of the ages of golden opportunities, and you can begin right now to bring that into being. There is no magic time by which you can gauge the triumph of good over evil, it is all the same, and it is all in transition with every moment that goes by. There is infinite opportunity to bring the purity into your existence, just by living the purity of the moment.

          This is how my realm was created, and how it is perpetuated. We live those moments in their entirety. It is grand and it is beautiful. It is the ultimate heaven, right here on earth. It is the realm you aspire to, and it is the realm that is always there for you, for you create it with your dreams and your thoughts of perfection. When we see one of you coming down the street to our fence, we say welcome home and offer you that smile and kind word that cements the friendship that lasts forever.

          Good day, and good dreams for the moment is filled with the promise of today. Go in peace and good will.


Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate