Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 16,2003

            Good morning all my earthly friends, I am Baldor, and I wish to tell you of a story that is circulating around my planet, Orloff. It is a story of the trials and tribulations that are going on, on earth and the environment in which the activities are taking place.

            The story begins with a testimony to the validity of the beings that have started this huge endeavor. It states that there was once a race of people who came to earth and populated it by genetically altering their original state. It tells of the other race that came and did the altering, in order for them to have a Peoples to order around and manipulate to their end.

            This race that came for conquer was a race of immense size and cunning. They operated outside the spectrum of the Lighter side, or at least within the end of the spectrum that was of the dark. They were not always of that degree, but through their wanderings through the universe and expressing in that degree of darkness, they increased their wanton desires to conquer, and spread their tyranny far and wide. They created inter-galactic wars, and carried their menace to any planet that posed a possibility for conquest.

            When the earthlings came into being on earth they were visited by these dark creatures. The earthlings were persuaded to trust in them and their gifts, for they new not of the tyranny of the others. These others carried on in a posture of benevolence and love, though their hearts were planted in the evil ways that had grown so valuable to them. They had reached a point where they had lost their original aspirations toward love and lightness, and used only the fear with which to conquer the humans, and start their plan to take over the earth.

            For centuries this went on, and the humans gradually lost their remembrance of who they were. The fear that was introduced to their lives was so strong that they eventually lost memory of their light and the abilities that came with that light. So for the succeeding eons the earth humans walked in amnesia and allowed the others to rule their world in the way that had proven successful on the other planets.

            This is the way of the light and dark of the spectrum. This is the way of the totality when it becomes unbalanced. When the darkness of a person takes over the light, and the fear sets in, there is a weakness of the innate knowing and strength that the light provides.

            In the story, the ending is one of supreme assistance and Divine justice, for the light prevails. When Heaven realized that the dark others had capitalized on their rule and were about to blow up their earth, there was a tribunal among the Federation, and intervention was seen as the only way to stop this annialation. But this could not be direct intervention, for in the energy of the earth people was the element of free will. This had to be intervention in the form of an energy that was powerful in its transformative elements. This was determined to be the energy of the Christ.

            The story ends with the new Christ energy coming in and saving the day. The people began to wake up to the real reasons that they had been mislead by the coercion of the others. They began to see how they had been lead like sheep to the slaughter. They began to rebel, and take back their power. They saw how they had been victimized by the others for all those eons, and their indignance was a strength that moved mountains of tyranny and set them free. The others were exposed by the strength and love of the people who in finding their voice, also found their strength in the inner light of their beingness. They found too that they felt compassion for these others, while at the same time knowing that they could not live in their world while they remained in their state of darkness.

            So the earthlings called on Heaven to remove these tyrants and rehabilitate them to their wishes. They knew that to wish death for them, or anything worse, would be to perpetuate the energy in which they had reigned for so long. So the people loved them out of their world and into another. They then set about the mission of creating the Heaven on earth that had been promised them. They began to bring back full recall of who they were, and in that strength they proceeded to build a Garden of Eden in which to live and carry out their purpose of evolution in the Light.

            It is a grand story, and one that is told often on Orloff. We are able to see how such a story can come about, and we see how to assure that it doesn’t happen here. We all thank you on earth for the wonderful gift that you have given all of existence, for we are being given an invaluable historical account of the value of living in the Light of the moment. We also see that you will have a wonderful ecstatic life in the Light of your creator; and we all look forward to the time when we will be visited by any of you as you travel through the universe and come upon our planet here on the edge of your universe.

            We wish blessings in your every moment, and we know that you are living those blessings, for they are the creations that you bring to yourselves in your Divinity. Till the next time, I am Baldor, and I salute you.


Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Nancy Tate