Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 11,2003

           Good morning, I am Baldor, and I come to you this morning to tell you of an event on our planet that mimics one on yours. It is the event that you know of as the Super Bowl. We call our event the Entourage of Plenty, for that is just what it is. We gather at a certain time of our year, and play a game that consists of three shifts of incredible strength and endurance. This is a test of the right use of the brain in our employment of the sensory portions of our anatomy. We carry this out on a field, just as your super bowl is conducted on the football fields, but our game is one of the use of our intellect in the carrying out of the game. Our physical might is not the object here, but only the tool in which we carry out the activities of our mind.

            When we proceed with the game, it as if there is a great bouncing ball that we are carrying down the field. It is passed from player to player through the rigors of the intellect; and the object of the play is to outwit the other in the use of the senses and the intuitive processes. This is a game that encompasses a great deal of the societal energies, and is one that carries through in its energy throughout even the off-season. We prepare for the game through the activities that we employ throughout life. When the time comes for the playout, it is a grand time, and there are players from all around our planet that participate. Play-offs are held to determine the representatives from all the nations of the planet, and the grand finale is held in a different place each year. In this it is much like your Olympics, except it is just the one kind of game, and not several.

            Our players are trained, and are in top shape at all times. This is the cause of the splendid array of players that we have. Many young people aspire to become a player in the games, for that means that they will be awarded many grand prizes if they become a player in the ranks of the champions. The prizes I speak of are those of a celestial nature. There are certain benefits that take the players into realms of study and resulting manifestations of rewards that catapult them into a journey through the nearby celestial neighborhood, and are honored by various modes of study on other planets in our immediate vicinity. This means exploration in other areas of the cosmos.

            Remember, this is a game of wit and senses. It is not a game that honors the brute force of the body, but the use of the intellect in combination with the intuitive senses and the employment of them for the justification of carrying on in the energy of the Creator. These players who come to the Entourage of Plenty have been studying and training all their lives. This is the motivating force behind many of the life activities of the players and future players. This is not a game that differentiates between the female and the male, as it has no need to find a difference.

            When the game is over for a year, there is a period in which the players of all the nations are honored for their participation. When they return home to their own country, they are celebrated for a period of two of your earth weeks. They have days named after them that remain so till the next reign of names. The winners of the final game are heralded by their fellow countrymen, and given a tribute when they return from their celestial celebration and study in the nearby planets of the cosmos.

            Many of our advances technologically have been brought forth in these games. There have been innumerable recognitions of the power of competitive activity, for the purpose of bringing new technology to the planet. This is not a competition where only a handful wins; it is a win-win situation, where the whole of Orloff benefits; and the game is the prize for the people of the planet the next year.

            We found through our natural progression of evolution that there is much merit to making play of technological advancement, for within that play there is an innocence that releases barriers to new creation and inspiration. There is an openness that results from these games, and since we donít regard anyone a loser, there is no hold on the ideas that spring forth. There is no danger that there will be a resistance to an idea by the other players in the game. It is a beautiful working together that is accomplished, and part of the game is to encourage one another to the furtherance of any idea that is presented. We know that from one idea can come the furtherance of more knowledge as to the workings of that idea. Therefore, it is encouraged to bring more from the idea, and to nourish the source of the idea. It is as if they all have energy shovels and are encouraged to use them on each other in the use of their intellect and intuition. The players actually become each other, in a sense; they meld their energies, and become the essence of the whole. This is a fine tuned ability that they develop over the course of their lives. In this way, we have produced some incredible minds here on Orloff, and we send emissaries from the games to these other planets for the furtherance of the sharing of the knowledge with each other.

            I am bringing this information to you to help you to see how the working together for the good of man can be so powerful We here on Orloff have proven this far too many times to count. We live the results of this, and we share this knowledge with all who invite it to them. We have been invited by this one to share this much at least, and now it is up to you to take this information and translate it into your lives if you choose.

Once you incorporate your ego into the Diviness of your being, then it can be a more powerful part of your beingness than you have experienced from it ever before. The power lies in the release of the energy, not in the holding on to it. Loving your ego, and embracing the gifts it has brought to you can be a powerful tool for its incorporation into your Holiness. Knowing that you are not an individual who is separate from your Creator, can unite the parts of you that in their separateness support the weakness that has come about through you idea of separateness. Once you have reunited all of your parts, including your ego, you will come into the fullness of your power, and you will find that the games such as the one we play can catapult you into the infinity of creation.

            I leave this communication now, and encourage you to a day of an Entourage of Plenty of your own making. This is a premise that can work for you even in your own life, to start, then spread it out to others and see what happens. We love you, here on planet Orloff, and bid you a fond farewell, till the next time.


Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Nancy Tate