Morning Wakeup Call Message
April 17,2003


           In the morning hours of April 17, 2003 there arose a woman who gave herself to sleep at the crack of dawn. She rose and fell back into a sleep that took her to the heights of her awareness. This was the end of the trail of tears that she would experience in the avenue of troubles that she left behind when her head hit the pillow. This was the beginning of a whole new avenue of joy that would echo throughout the corridors of time, and on through the destiny of her soul. She was the epitome of all that she saw for herself, and all that rang true in her heart. She had come home; and she remained here on earth in the journey that for her was just starting on another phase of expression.

            Hello, I am Bachari, and I have been a long time gone from these pages. Now I stand in the light of my partner, and welcome her back to this testimony of the power of revelation that overcomes the shadow that threatened to overwhelm the light that burdened her heart. We are now in respect of all that has come about for the unburdening of the soultalk that comes around at the start of another lesson in life.

            Do you go to the hidden mysteries of your soul and explore the avenues that have been traveled before? Do you find on those avenues the remains of the debris that was loosened from the tribulations that befell your soul on its first and consecutive paths through the avenue? If so, this song can be yours, and it is hers. It can sing the same sweet refrain of the freedom of release that is wafting softly from the innermost chords that resonate forth with the sounds of the love of Spirit.

            How often do you find the richness of the gifts that others bring to your life? How many instances are there when you have opportunity to see what was once a shadow come full into the light and shine for the truth that it is? We are seeing the wonderful journey that brought us here to the end of the journey, to the opening of the wonder of salvation. To see that there was no salvation lacking or needed; that it was never gone, nor excused from the flock. Never is the truth gone, just excused and covered up by the lack of the esteemed presence of the truth that can set you free.

            This is my song to you, and to all who journey in the footsteps that are downtrodden by so many. This is the song that whispers of the pleasures of release and the joy of compassion for oneself and the ones who bring the gifts to your doorstep. I whisper the sweet refrain that speaks of the power of love and the power of the knowledge that you have regained the purpose of your strength in God. It is a mere measure of the potential that is before you, and there is a grandiosity that sings to the winds, and carries the message far and wide. Release! Truth! Wisdom of the ages! Love is the only thing there is, and it is wonderful and it is free.

            I sing to you this day, and I bring to you this one’s refrain of joy and love and peace. Bask in its blessedness, and forever be free and joyful.


Thank you dear brother Bachari,

Nancy Tate