Avenda & Abigail




Avenda is the highest part of myself. Within this embodiment as Nancy I am led by Avenda to the highest I can achieve. There is a necessary element that transpires with the sectioning off of the aspects of the Being. Within this sectioning is the prerequisite element of desires and intent to be the very epitome of the Source. Within these parameters we take our individualism and divide it into the aspects that will accompany us with every move that we make. Through this process, we have complete recognition of who we are available to all the aspects that we have generated. When this takes place, we combine the total knowledge and experience of all the individualisms and blend the whole into the perfection that we are.

When Avenda sectioned herself into the various expressions of herself, she did so with the intent to fully experience, as do all Beings. The degree of division depends on the intent of the Being, and is determined within the natural law of numbers. The balance is always present and expressed. One of those degrees of expression is the one known as Abigail. This one expressed herself as a step down from Avenda, and has embodied within this one through many lifetimes.

When I speak of dividing and sectioning I do so with the ability to explain in a language that you can comprehend. This is about dimensionality, and there is really no separation in the way you perceive it. It is merely differing expressions of the same, with degrees of understanding of the whole.