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The Love Connection Shaman Release
Zorra of Hollow Earth Gregg Braden
Fred Greaves, The Twin Flame Project Kirael, Rev. Fred Sterling
The Mushaba Center Lee Carroll's "Kryon Site"
Sananda | Love is our New Reality The Groundcrew
World Peace Pulse, James Twyman Star Quest, Ronna Herman
The St Germain Foundation Pranic Healing
TheQuantumAwakening Lazaris, Jach Pursel
Oneness Of All, Marilyn for the Arcturians Nyako Nakar
Sheldon Nidle, The Galactic Federation The Nibiruan Council
The Lemurian Connection (Messages from Telos) Mystic Planet
Children of Light Galactic Friends
Freedom Through Love and Harmony Earth Rainbow Network
One Light Cassiopaea
The Peaceful Planet, Pepper Lewis Global-Light-Network
Selacia and Council of Twelve Evenstar Creations
Crimson Circle Tobias, Geoffrey Hoppe Sabian Symbols
Master DK Hilarion, Jon C. Fox
The Spirit of Maat The Summit Lighthouse
Carrie Hart  
Other News International Sites
Great Mystery  Karinya For Body, Mind and Spirit
Rumormill News  
 Thom Hartman  
 Global Meditations