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What is NESARA to you today? What have all of the reports over the past six or more years told you about this law that was introduced to many of us by Dove and carried forth by so many who joined the movement to bring NESARA out to the public and into being? Have any of you become dis-allusioned by what was promised to be brought forth by the white knights and our family from the cosmos?

I found this to be my stance for a while when things did not come to be as we had been told by so many. I began to ask in earnest for the truth about NESARA, for I was one of the channels who presented this wonderful law to anyone who would read or listen to the messages I received. There was something about this that I believed in, yet that I questioned. How can I present the information to the public, while at the same time it was not coming to pass? Why was I still receiving messages with reference to NESARA?

One day while at my computer and reading yet another report about another date for announcement followed by disappointment for all those who had waited for that fateful day, only to be disappointed once more, I asked Spirit what is the truth here? I announced, "I am not waiting for this to happen any more. I am going to bring what NESARA stands for into my life the best way I can. I am done waiting!"

From that day I began to change the way I looked at my life. I saw how many ways I had been waiting for this to happen and that to come about. It helped me to see that nothing comes to those who wait for someone else to bring it to them. Oh sure, there were times when I brought things into my life myself, but those times were often after waiting, and then realizing with frustration that if it was going to happen I would have to make it happen.

What I realized that day at my computer in 2003 was that I also had to bring what I wanted into my life without coming to frustration first. I had to happily and with intent bring things into my life that I wanted. I admit that it didn't always happen as I wanted it to, and if that was the case I usually realized in hindsight that it was for my benefit that it didn't happen. I still received information about NESARA from time to time, but now it was with a neutral air.

One day Bob, Doris and I were in CA at the VanTassel  Park. We were walking down the steps of the chapel where we had spent a few quiet minutes in appreciation of the peaceful, loving energy there. I suddenly heard from Sananda, "The story of Jesus, Mary and Joseph did not happen as history tells you." I knew what he was saying was true, for I had read from other sources that same thing.

At the same time it came clear to me that that story was indeed a metaphor brought to offer mankind a way that they can tune in to their own power and begin to remember who they are in a way that inspired them to live that power just as Jesus did. I thought of the simple statement of truth, "These, and more you can do, as do I." I also realized that Jesus and all the others did live and carry on their lives in many of the ways that were told of, but there was much that was not represented of what they did do.

I then thought of NESARA and what it represented to the people of earth, not just the Americans. With a gasp of truth from within I realized that this is what NESARA is; it is a metaphor brought here from the ethers as example of how to create and live our lives in a free society, empowered by our own authority and knowledge of truth. It was designed to show us what we had given up and how we had given over our power to those who presented themselves as our leaders and friends. We had put our trust in something other than ourselves.

I began to learn of people all across this great nation who were working behind the scene to bring justice back into our society. They were working for the people who chose to seek them out because the word was spreading of the success that they were generating. The people were being taught how they could rescue their lives back from those who would take it away from them, mostly in dollars and cents. That was the language that spoke to the people, because that was the single most powerful way in which they had become enslaved to the system.

I saw that all of the facets of NESARA were being addressed by these people, groups, and movements across the country. NESARA was coming to life in the hearts and minds of the people, and it was gaining strength in the heartland of America. That is why we have seen so much pressure put to bear on our freedoms, dear ones. We are making a difference, not only through these people but through all of the ones who have given their energy to the idea of NESARA. It has been a collective energy of intent that has seeded and fertilized this great gift that was designed to assist humanity to find its way back to the freedoms that it has lost.

You say that I am telling you that NESARA is not real? I say that it is very real; it lives in the hearts and souls of all who hear of it, and those who step forward in the preservation of their lives in the freedom that they inherently are. It isn't something that you have to believe in, it is who you are. You are freedom in your core, and all you need to do to realize that is to live it. Step out in the promise that freedom brings and know that you are living, experiencing another Divine metaphor that is designed to show you Yourself.

That is why I have kept this section of the site going. That is why I am giving it new life this day and for days to come. This new life is representative of what I have come to feel about this thing they call NESARA. It isn't a gift for only one nation; it is for the world. We are one world united in strength and purpose, and we are releasing all of the energy that says otherwise. Please keep a steady mind and heart on that knowledge and you will see the results as one by one people move toward each other, no matter what color, creed, or country and express their love and honor of each other.

I bring to you a message I just found, written in Jan 2006 that very closely agrees with what I have shared with you here. It is in its entirety with contact information and full disclosure of source.



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