Gold-Fringed American Flags


A fictional interview to introduce the matter, followed by an explanation of the facts.

by P. Johnson-Holm


Q: Is the yellow fringe on some of the flags seen in the United States purely a decorative touch?

A: No. The yellow fringe is only found on military flags, and the gold-fringed American flag is a military flag that represents Martial Law which is not subject to the Constitution. The one without is known as the peace flag of the United States and it symbolizes that the Constitution and the United States is alive and well.


Q: But they are both displayed across the U.S. and everyone knows we're not under martial law. Why does it matter whether one or the other is flown?

A: There's an international law known as The Law of the Flag. Whichever flag is displayed, that's the rules you follow. If it's on a ship, the ship's captain is the enforcer of the rules of the country whose flag is being flown. If it's in a fenced-in enclosure, such as an Embassy, that country's Ambassador and the rules of his country are in charge in that little area.

Q: So if the Martial Law flag is on display in a courtroom, doesn't the Constitution still apply?

A: The rules of the court are governed by the local authorities, but mostly by the Manual of Courts Martial, a military publication. One of the big differences is that under this court martial law, you are guilty until proven innocent. The court could even confiscate your possessions. It doesn't matter whether or not you even get charged with a crime.

Q: But how did this get started? I never knew Martial Law had been declared.

A: Only the Commander-in-Chief can order the use of the military flag, and it was done in 1959 by President Eisenhower.

Q: It just seems that this should be illegal somehow...

A: The Constitution says no new state shall be formed within a State. By planting courts and other buildings into our midst that are governed by the laws of the gold-fringed flag, little "embassies" of these military enclaves are formed. They represent themselves to be government officials of the United States of America - the same country that is governed by the Constitution - but based on all these facts, perhaps you can see that there are two distinct and different groups. So a new 'state of martial law' is being formed within all States of the Union. That violates the Constitution. Our country has been taken over right beneath our noses!

This flag is a military flag and its use can only be ordered by the President of the United States. It is not recognized by any nation on earth and it has no constitution, no laws and no courts. The Commander-in-Chief must sign an executive order declaring martial law to activate its use.

This flag is a flag of peace and symbolizes the United States of America, the Constitution and our freedom. It has only three colors - red, white and blue. The specifics are detailed in the Constitution. It is recognized around the world as the flag of our nation.

In 1959 President Eisenhower signed an executive order to have the military flag displayed, and it has not yet been revoked.


The Facts Governing This Issue.


Why does it matter which flag is displayed?

There are certain laws that are fundamental. All countries acknowledge their use and they help all nations communicate and deal with each other. One of those basic laws is The Law of the Flag.

The Law of the Flag

This time-honored law outlines the way flags are used by all nations on Earth. Originally most foreign trade was conducted by sea and the ship captains would fly the colors, or flag, of the country under whose protection they would be traveling.

This practice continues to the present day. The ship, its cargo, crew and passengers are subject to the laws of that country. The ship's master, or captain, is empowered to enforce the laws of the country of the flag being displayed. Aboard that ship, the captain was the final judge of the law. This is also why marriages performed by boat captains are legal and binding.

When the ship would go into port to do business, others could see the flag flying on top of the ship. That was the captain's way of giving notice about which country and set of laws he represented. The others had to be willing to do their business according to the represented country's laws. If they did not agree, they did not do business with that captain.


This is the term for raising a flag on land. Walls or fences around an area create an enclave, or enclosure. The rules of the country whose flag flies within the four corners governs the property and people inside the enclave. This is how embassies are established with foreign countries.

For example, if you are traveling in another country and visit the American embassy, the area inside the embassy walls is considered American soil. Everyone within is under the jurisdiction of American laws. Any flag with yellow fringe around three edges is immediately recognized as a military flag. At sea, these are known as Admiralty flags.

Traditionally, they are flown during times of war. During time of war, when an admiralty flag is raised on land, it is an identifying point for troops. However, during peace time, the military or admiralty flags has not traditionally been displayed in general public areas.

Which flag is legal?

The international community only acknowledges the legitimacy of the red, white and blue American flag as symbolizing the United States of America. The yellow-fringed flag does not represent the U.S.A. For example, if you enter a courtroom that displays a yellow-fringed flag, that is your notice that the laws of the United States that are based on the Constitution, are not in effect at that location. Instead, the military laws are in effect for everyone within that room. This is why it matters which flag is being displayed.

Isn't it unconstitutional to do this?

If our country were following the laws of the Constitution, this activity would be illegal.

How our nation is governed.

The Constitution outlines the way our nation is governed. Article III, section 1, describes the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and all other courts of the nation. These rules apply while operating under the American flag. Many citizens call this the Flag of Peace. In other words, when the red, white and blue is flying, it symbolizes that the Constitution is alive and well and all rights are preserved - including the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.


Describing the official flag.


Quoting the Constitution, "The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be forty-eight stars, white in a blue field." As legalized by Constitutional Amendments, new states have become represented by a new star as they were admitted to the Union.


One nation, one government.


Under Article IV, section 3 of the Constitution of the United States of America, no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State. Many examples exist which show that government officials and judges adamantly refuse requests to remove the gold fringed flag and replace it with the constitutional flag of the United States as defined in Article 4, sections 1,2, and 3 - which has no fringe.


Why are yellow-fringed flags being displayed in the USA?

A simple answer would be that whenever a flag is displayed, it symbolizes the ruler behind the flag. Perhaps a better question would be, "Why do Americans allow a flag to be displayed in the USA that replaces their Constitutional flag?"


How the military is ruling the USA.

Where are the yellow-fringed flags being displayed?

Most citizens come across them in courtrooms. The courts are supposed to be the enforcer of our nation's rules. Instead, many courtrooms are enforcing military rules that are ultimately coming from the Commander-in-Chief.

Our courts have been infiltrated.

In any courtroom displaying a yellow-fringed flag, the judge is the ship's captain, so to speak. The judge is the enforcer of Martial Law as outlined in "The Manual of Courts Martial." Federal judges are not elected; they are appointed by the President, who is also the Commander-in-Chief. States judges are appointed by the governor, who is also the state's military commander.


How other countries view this.

Many rumors have circulated around the globe about who ordered the yellow or gold fringe onto American flags. Why is it still there? Some rumors include conspiracy theories against various groups. Other rumors explain that the whole Admiralty Law thing is just a convenience for local authorities that does not have any meaning behind it. Perhaps its just a marketing ploy to make our flag, and our nation, seem prettier and more colorful. Does that have the ring of truth? Read the facts and decide for yourself.


How does the display of fringed-flags allow our freedoms to be stolen from us?


Remember which 'ruler' is symbolized in our courtrooms.

Gold-fringed flags displayed in our courtrooms are actually standing inside military courts. The judges sit in summary court martial proceedings against civilians. These courts are governed in part by local rules, but mostly according to "The Manual of Courts Martial." This manual is published by the government for the military. It details the crimes that civilians can commit. They are classed as 'Acts of War,' and this is all covered by 125 pages within the Manual of Courts Martial.


The importance of inside and outside display.

According to "The Manual of Courts Martial" fringed-flags flown outside are operating under Admiralty Law. When they are flown inside, they only represent military courts that are dealing with administrative matters. Cases brought to these judges are considered court martial proceedings against civilians.


Features that define a military flag.

In 1933 President Theodore Roosevelt described that the admiralty, maritime or administration display of the flag is established by the presence of "gold fringe, gold braid, gold eagle, gold spear, or gold ball atop the flag pole." In 1979 these standards were set down in Army regulations as part of the War Powers Act.

By submitting a plea to this type of court, you are silently assenting, or admitting, that the court has jurisdiction over you. That is how the display of the fringed-flags allows our freedoms to be taken away.


What are the consequences of this Martial Law?

The President as Commander-in-Chief is the highest law, not the Constitution. Under these conditions, the President is given great power.

Under Martial Law, the President may seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute stricter enforcement of martial law, seize and control all transportation and communications, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and, in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens.

Under Martial Law, you are presumed guilty until proven innocent.


Where else can people find evidence of this Martial Law?

In the legal notices of your newspapers, look for warrants that have been issued for the forfeiture of property. Look for these words:

"Any persons having or claiming an interest in or to said property must file their claim in accordance with Rule C(6) of the Supplemental Rules for Certain Admiralty and Maritime Claims within 10 days after the first publication of this notice or within such additional time as may be allowed upon application to the court, and must file their answer to the complaint within 20 days after their claim."

Under these rules, confiscating property is allowed because you are guilty until proven innocent. Other property may also be seized, whether or not a conviction ever occurs. Here are two examples from Colorado.

What Happens From Here?

I have had debates with people who take great issue with the information shared here. Some have dogmatically stated that the Constitution is the Law and the government is outside the Law. I wish they were right, but they fail to see or understand that the American people have been conquered, unknowingly, yet conquered all the same.

This is why judges have told many - and a judge may someday tell you - to not bring the Constitution or a law dictionary into the courtroom.

This is because the judge is the Law, or represents the law, as established by the Commander-in-Chief, not the Constitution. You have only to read the previous Senate's report on National Emergency to understand that our Constitution - and our Constitutional form of government - no longer exists.

What happens next is up to each of us who see and understand the Truth.

Ask yourself what your convictions are and whether you are ready to back them up. Patriots - those who support the Constitution of the United States - are on notice that it is time to take action.


Tell America - Gold-Fringed American Flags

copyright 2002, 2003, 2004 by P. Johnson-Holm