10-26-15: Important Update From Mike Quinsey

With Responses From Some of Many Who Have Valued Mike's Works


NEW!10-28-15: Mike Has Sent out a Posting to his ET First Contact list. Here it is!

Hi Friends,
Things have been happening so quickly I can hardly keep up with them. No sooner had I announced my retirement from Channeling and was considering instead sending out the best messages from other channels, I received an Email from Nancy Tate with a message from St. Germain. I am sending it on to you so that you know how things are working out.

Nothing much will happen for a few weeks at least, because I am visiting my friend Michael in Devon. I usually visit him twice a year and enjoy speaking with someone who I admire and rate as the best medium that I know. Michael at 91 years old hardly looks his age and has the energy and outlook of a much younger man.

So after all the kind wishes and thanks from so many beautiful people, I am back much quicker than I could have visualized. I shall for the time being pass on to you any message that I consider to be of the higher vibrations, and hope that fairly soon I shall be back sending you messages from Spirit directly through me.

I was overwhelmed by the large number of wonderful messages you sent me, and could not reply to them all individually so I thank you all for your heart felt comments and expressions of thanks for my work.

Below is the full message I received from Nancy Tate, a friend of many years and of great help by allowing me to use her website for my messages.  (See
Here Below)

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.


10-26-15: Nancy: I have just received a Wake up Call from St Germain with news that confirms what I had felt last night that Mike would be doing in the coming times. You can read the WUC Here for the 'rest of the story'.


10-24-15: From Mike,

Hi Friends,

I have decided that I am not going to continue channeling, as just of late I have not been happy or satisfied with my messages. I can only match them against how things were before I had my stroke, and they are not working as smoothly as I would like. When I started up again I was pleased with the way I got back into it, but it has dropped off lately.

I must thank you for your great support over the years, and without you and many others the messages would not have reached so many people and gone so far and wide. I have enjoyed being part of it and had some wonderful times, not least of all my visit to Sedona, where I met so many great people including some of you. Thank you to a wonderful group of people.

People have been so generous when I have had computer problems, and what wonderful people I have worked with. I realise that Spirit set it all up but even so I marvel at how all you people came together. I believe that there were 28 countries receiving SaLuSa's messages, and I find that incredible and amazing.
For anyone who may be looking for a similar source of messages, there is to my knowledge only the one website, and that is Sheldan Nidle's which is strongly recommended, it is very professionally set up and a mine of information. Go to:
<http://www.paoweb.com/subscribe >

I hope in my "retirement" to still find useful things to do, and no doubt something will come along so that I might be able to keep in touch with some of you. As they say, all good things have to come to an end, but I would like to think that many people have benefitted from what they have learnt.

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey


Response From Nancy and Bob

Hi Mike,

I read your news here last night, after returning home from our overnight trip to Bisbee. I wasn't sure how to respond, so decided to let it sink in and write to you this morning. I understand what you are saying about how you feel about the SaLuSa messages lately compared to how they felt some time back. I've felt that way about some of the messages I've brought forth over the years, but then after some inner guidance I've 'stuck with it' in joy, peace and love. We all must follow our feelings and inner guidance, which I know you are doing. We will all miss your connection with SaLuSa, as I'm sure on some level so will you. What today's energies are telling us is to follow our hearts and dreams and know that it is the energy that is in tune with all of Creation.

As to what we will do with the ET First Contact list, for now I will let it remain in readiness for anything that may come that will be posted to it. For now, if at any time you wish to post to it, it will be there for you. If/when there comes the time for me to either close it down, or change the name for the person who will post to it, then I will let you know. We will miss your gifts to the 'tree', but at the same time I feel that your decision has opened you to anything that may be coming for you to contribute not only to your life, but to others as well.

You are a wonderful gift to humanity, so we will be overjoyed with anything you may share with us, even if it is a loving smile. SaLuSa is with you 100%, and he understands how it is to feel to go further in a different pathway in one's life. So carry on my dear friend, and love what you create in the coming times for you, your family, and all the dear friends who have been with you for so long. You have truly been a jewel in all our lives.

This is from Bob: Good morning from Arizona!

Mike I read your email about your decision to stop channeling and I honor that decision.

I just wanted to share with you a few precious thoughts about our work and friendship, a kind of a trip down memory lane. I remember the day when St Germain told Nancy in a private message to tell you he wanted to contact you and to sit down at your PC and ask for him to come. I remember that either the next day or two you brought through your first message from St Germain and a new phase in your life began. I remember you channeling messages 6 days a week for a long period of time and dedication to that wonderful task. I remember the day when we heard that you had the stroke, and were so relieved when you let us know that you were okay. I am sure that thousands upon thousands of prayers went out around the world for your healing. I remember the wonderful times when we chatted live on Skype as brother & sister to you my brother. I will miss those times. You have touched the hearts of lives across this planet by the thousands and from one list to another in the hundreds of thousands. You brought a new energy to The Tree of the Golden Light web site and we can't thank you enought for that. My beautiful brother of light your retirement is just a new beginning on your path back home. Through what you've shared with us all through the years it has touched many, many hearts and brought peace and love to us all. Have fun and please stay in touch.

If you have not watched this video by Kryon, link below, please take time to do so. You will not be disappointed. We have watched it 3 or 4 times and it brought tears to our eyes.



Response from Russ Michael

Hi Mike Quinsey,

This is your friend and forever spiritual brother, Russ Michael.

I felt your last two weekly SALUSA messages were "right on the mark" ... confirming what most reliable INTEL sources have long predicted to be our magnificent NEW REALITY on Earth... as becoming much more visible daily..

Bless you on your chosen way!! ALL IS WELL.

You can imagine how much you will be missed?

Luisa Vasconsellas and translators will miss you mightily as well.

We will SEE a host of "channels" -- CROP UP... each trying to be the next so reliable and greatly loved---absolute genuine" "Mike Quinsey." Most will be claiming to be the one and only reliable "SaLuSa" telepathic channel... Luckily, most long-time Light workers are quite discerning - so no problem there!! I am certain brother SaLuSa will miss your so very clear telepathic channel "presence2 very, very much... as swell...!!

NO matter all that...as we are at the edge of our final Golden Age on Earth... AND perhaps when the various funding sources fund our Light worker planetary projects... you and I may have a chance to meet in person... and even hopefully work together on some needed positively interesting planetary transformative projects!! SO BE IT. WE are ONE.

I am, in loving brotherhood, Russ Michael

*********** More Responses

10-26-15: Nancy, Mike will be missed. God bless him; please tell him for me. Love and Light, Leenie Breckenridge, Denver, CO.

Please forward this to Mike. I honor his decision to stop channeling but I will miss him terribly. His messages from SaLuSa have, over the years, brought personal inspiration and hope in the midst of very troubling times. I once had Mike's email and wrote to him a few times but lost it in my move/retirement. I wish him every happiness and want him to know how thankful I am for all he has done not only for me but for all of humanity!!! Sending all of you much love.....Patty

Nancy I am forever grateful to you and Mike. I will miss him because I inner knowing didn't have the same capacity as his and needed the update from "home". Mike's channels were messages of hope for me..............Thank you again Nancy. Carolyn

10-25-15: God love Mike for the years of faithful service. I have followed him through the years and I am happy he has decided to retire and enjoy the remainder of his life. Many Blessings, MC

Thanks for your dedication and may you be blessed with a healing from one of your channels. Thanks again, Jeff

Much gratitude for bringing us the info / messages from SaLusa for all these years. I have been a faithful follower for several years myself. I found much spiritual guidance and hope carried in the messages. Of course, they will be missed. Wishing you a happy and blessed retirement in well deserved joy, as you have shared a bit of Light with many on this journey. In the Light, gratefully, Cindy Marie, Milwaukee, Wisconsin  USA